Alissa & Matt’s Wonderful Welcombe Wedding

Alissa & Matt’s Wonderful Welcombe Wedding

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing Alissa & Matts wonderful Welcombe Wedding.  The sun was shining & the beautiful gardens out if full bloom. After a quick wander around the grounds capturing the hotel which is surrounded by 157 acres of landscaped grounds – so plenty to photography, Leah who was will me to 2nd shoot, & I made our way to the bridal suite.

On our way up the beautiful stair case we passed a lady, rushing the other way.  Not thinking much to it other than there being a resemblance to Alissa we went to find how Alissa & the girls were getting on.  We were introduced to all her bridesmaids except her sister – who Alissa said had had to rush off to tend to the best man.  It turn out Alissa sister lucky was a doctor & the best man had come down with gastric flu and was sick in bed… not the best timing unfortunately on your best friends wedding day but he was determined not to let his friends down & wanted to carry on. I have to say considering I knew how poorly he was feeling he did amazingly well to carry on all day!

We finished the bridal preparations in the fabulous bridal suite before Leah & I met Matt & the guys in the grounds to get some images of Matt and his grooms men.

Alissa & her mom made a fabulous entrance in to the nestfield suite following her lovely niece & nephew & bridesmaids down the Aisle towards the clearly emotional Matt. After a lovely ceremony fully of laughter & tears of happiness the guests made their way outside to enjoy the sun, canapés & pimms.

Before any wedding I always make sure either the bride & groom have popped over for a coffee & catch up or at the very least had a phone call if they just can’t make it over,  to go through what is important to then & what they would like in terms of group photographs & couple images.  This way on an already busy day where the time seems to speed up 3 fold, I can make sure I capture all of those important shots but in the quickest and most organised way. And lets face in no one wants to spend hours fluffing around having a very long (unnecessary) photo-session when they could be drinking pimms & eating the nibble :-D.

We made the most of the time we had to wander around the grounds surrounding the Welcombe as well as inside on the beautiful ornate stair case as Alissa had requested.

Alissa had already asked if after the meal & speeches her & Matt could go back outside & capture some more images during the beautiful golden hour.  Certainly wouldn’t hear me complaining at that request 🙂

A fabulous day turned in to a joyous evening & just shortly after the first dance Id noticed a reflection of the sky in the windows.  I grabbed Matt & Alissa & said I promise this will be worth it before racing to the bottom of the grounds to capture the most amazing sunset that I had seen over the summer.

As my day drew to an end I left the happy couple dancing the night away.  Congratulations Alissa & Matt, I can’t wait to finish your album so you can hold the story of your beautiful wedding day ion your hands xx


If you or anyone you know are getting married & would like to know more about my photography please dont hesitate to contact me.

A very busy summer of weddings

A very busy summer of weddings

Oh my, I barely know where to start other than to say yet again my poor old blog has been very sadly neglected in order to keep up with a very busy summer of weddings. As well as all of my wonderful corporate work around warwickshire & the midlands I have had the privilege of photographing 15 weddings during the summer holidays.  I absolutely love love then going back through each bride & groom special day & editing their photographs.  Often when I take a shot my head is already whirring with how I might create a final image 🙂


Below are just a few of my favourite photographs from some of the weddings Ive edited so far over the summer. Can’t wait to create more 🙂

Blog summer favs 0001

First Dance wedding photography

Blog summer favs 0002

Spencer Park Coventry Wedding Photography

Blog summer favs 0003

Ettington Park Wedding Photography

Blog summer favs 0004

Wedding Photography- Chapel at Ettington Park

Blog summer favs 0005

Night time wedding photography at Ettington Park

Blog summer favs 0006

Wedding photography at Mill Gardens, Warwick

Blog summer favs 0007

Wedding photography at Ardencote Manor

Blog summer favs 0008

Wedding photography at Hitchen Priory

Blog summer favs 0009

Wedding photography in Hatton Warwickshire

Blog summer favs 0010

Wedding photography at Nailcote Hall

Blog summer favs 0011

Wedding photography – confetti outside St Alphege, Solihull

Blog summer favs 0012

Wedding photography Great Barn, Ayhno

Blog summer favs 0013

wedding photography at Swallows Nest Barn

Blog summer favs 0014

Blog summer favs 0015

Beautiful bridal photography at Great Barn, Ayhno

Blog summer favs 0016

wedding photography at Great Barn, Ayhno

Blog summer favs 0017

Wedding photography at The Chace Hotel, Coventry

Blog summer favs 0018

Blog summer favs 0019

Wedding Photography at Hitchen Priory

Blog summer favs 0020

Colourful Confetti at Hitchen Priory

Blog summer favs 0021

Wedding Photography at Stratford Upon Avon Town Hall

Blog summer favs 0022

Wedding Photography at the Pavillion, Warwick

Blog summer favs 0023

Bridal party at Swallows Nest Barn, Warwickshire

Blog summer favs 0024

LOVE sparkler wedding photography at Swallows Nest Barn


…. & finally just for fun 😀 (Nathan, the groom had gifted wonderfully individual cufflinks to all his groomsmen – each cufflink was a superhero’s symbol from either Marvel & DC) … I really couldn’t help myself !! 😀

Blog summer favs 0025


If you are getting married in 2017, 2018 or later please get in touch with us today.  I can’t promise I can turn you into a superhero but I would love to be part of your special day too x

Sophie & David’s Ettington Park Wedding

Sophie & Davids couple shot

Sophie & David’s Ettington Park wedding

Sophie & David had chosen to get married in the beautifully grand Neo-Gothic mansion of Ettington Park Hotel, in Stratford. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing at Ettington on numerous occasions & its always lovely to be back here.

I had met with Sophie & David few weeks before their wedding to chat through what photographs they would like and what was most important to them, for me to capture.

Stuart was already booked to film at an alternative event that evening however I managed to twisted his arm & asked him to come & photograph part of their wedding with me, in order to capture some lovely reportage images & alternative angles.

The day of their wedding arrived & the weather was near perfect, always a good start 🙂

After spending the morning with Sophie & her girls getting ready, we met up with David & his groomsmen & a very Red very beautiful E Type Jag provided by Grooms on time.  David was certainly in his element 🙂

After a lovely service & photos around the grounds, including the wonderful onsite chapel & of course not forgetting a quick spin in the E-Type (well it would have been rude not to ! :-D), we moved the celebrations in side for the wedding breakfast.

The wedding reception was held in a superbly decorated long gallery with speeches to follow.

Sophie & David & all of their guests had made me feel so welcome & their bridal party had been more helpful than you could have wished for.  It really made their wedding such a pleasure to photograph.

Not one to miss an opportunity, after staying to photograph the evening celebrations & first dance I asked if the best man, Ben would help me with one more photography.  As strange as it may sound, when I click the button of my camera Im don’t just producing an image. I want to create a lasting memory, a moment thats may be preserved as an image but when look at brings back the feelings of enjoyment/elation & happiness that was felt at the moment it was taken. So this is what I mean…

Ben came out side to act as my assistant to capture this final beautiful nighttime shot.  Apart from Ettington being lit it was pitch-black so I’d asked Ben to shine a torch on to the area I’d wanted to focus on.  I set up the shot & then brought Sophie & David down for the photograph.  Ben did his shining of the torch perfectly & then I’d asked him to run & hide, which he did behind the pillar, joking away as he did.  Now in the shot you don’t see Ben but when Sophie & David saw this image as well as loving it as a photograph Sophie jokingly recalled how Ben had had to run & hide.  Yes, may be it does sound silly but I don’t just want to create great photographs, I want to also create great happy memories behind those great photographs 🙂 ! I know from David & Sophie’s reaction that I had certainly achieved this for them 🙂

Below are just a few of the images captured at Sophie & David’s wedding. Their full gallery can be found within the client area.  All galleries are password protected so please see David & Sophie for the details x


SDB 10x10 Page001SDB 10x10 Page002SDB 10x10 Page003SDB 10x10 Page004SDB 10x10 Page005SDB 10x10 Page006SDB 10x10 Page007SDB 10x10 Page008bSDB 10x10 Page009SDB 10x10 Page010SDB 10x10 Page011SDB 10x10 Page012SDB 10x10 Page013SDB 10x10 Page014

SDB Ettington Night

Ettington Park Hotel night time Wedding photograph


Wedding Photography at St Thomas’ Church, Keresley & St Mary’s Guild Coventry – Amy & Adam’s Wedding

Stuart & I had the pleasure of photographing & filming Amy & Adam’s Wedding a few weeks ago.  Amy & Adam had chosen to have their service held at St Thomas’ Church, Keresley followed by their wedding reception at St Mary’s Guild in Coventry.

Here is just a sneaky peek of some of their images from their day 🙂

All of their images are now available to view on my main website. If you are a friend or family member please ask Amy & Adam for their password.

Wedding at st Thomas' Church Coventry

Wedding at st Thomas’ Church Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary's Guild Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary’s Guild Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary's Guild Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary’s Guild Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary's Guild Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary’s Guild Coventry

Congratulations again to you both & I’ll look forward to seeing your image choices for your wedding album x

Dance Show photography- Twirling Toddlers 2016

Twirling Toddlers Lets Groove Dance Show

Michelle Venter is the Owner & Founder of the award winning Twirling Toddlers, a fantastic fun dance school offering dance and movement classes all around Coventry, Leamington Spa & Warwick to little ones from the age of 9 month upwards.   They offer Movement & sensory for babies, Ballet, Tap, Modern and Gymastics based classes for toddlers and upwards.

Twirling Toddlers Photographed by Victoria Jane Photography

Twirling Toddlers

Michelle had asked Stuart to film her 2016 “lets Groove” dance show, at the Albany Theatre in Coventry,& had ask if I would photograph all of her children in their various outfits before the shows & then the dance shows themselves.

Michelle had said that she’d expect at least 120 children and some would have more than 1 costume … I packed all my essential photography kit … but unfortunately forgot the most important extra … the knee pads & lol!

Most of the 120 children were under 4 and so I wanted to make the photos as fun & as unintimidating as possible … so for 3 1/2h I would get down on my knees to show the toddlers how to sit or knee, get up to photograph them, smile at them, pull funny faces at them etc etc & repeat this over & over again, on a very hard stone floor, approx. 200 times  … Well to say I ached from head to toe the next day (or 5!) would be an understatement lol. Honestly I looked like I had done a 3 hour intense zumba class followed by a quick marathon all while smiling slightly insanely lol… All I can say is it was a good job the little ones were such cuties & the show so adorable as it made the pain all worth while 🙂

All the images are now available to view on line via my main website.

If you are a parent or guardian of one of the children photographed then the password is on the order form handed out on the day … lost it or didn’t get one … don’t panic! Michelle has an electronic copy which can be email to you, so please let her know.

If you are a Dance teacher & would like your show professional photographer & or Videoed please do not hesitate to contact us.



Wedding Photography Knowle Parish Church & Nuthurst Grange – Annette & Daniel

Wedding Photography Knowle Parish Church & Nuthurst Grange – Annette & Daniel

Wedding Photography Knowle Parish Church

Annette & Daniel had chosen to get married in the the picturesque Knowle Parish Church followed by their reception at the beautiful Nuthurst Grange Country House Hotel in Warwickshire.

I was really looking forward to their wedding as not only did Annette and Daniel seem a lovely couple, but I hadn’t photographed at Knowle Parish Church for a while, so it would be nice to go back. I was also a little apprehensive as their would be a lot to capture, which wouldn’t normally faze me, however I was nearly 8 months pregnant ! … Not to worry though as I’m fortunate enough to have a number of 2nd photographers as well as a fabulous friend – Lisa, who is also a professional photographer, and on this occasion she had very kindly offered to come along with me to save me racing around too much :-).

Annette and Daniel had asked me to cover their wedding from Bridal Prep through to their 1st Dance. They had also opted for a bespoke digital story book album. I love creative beautiful wedding albums as not only do I really get to show the best of my creativity but I know that the Bride & Groom will have a stunning keepsake to hand which then can look through & reminisce over at any time 🙂

After Annette and Daniel had had chance to look through all of their images they whittled it down to just over 100 they’d like in their album. I was then able to create a beautiful personalised design, which told the story of their special day.

Once I’ve created the designed, I use the leading UK based album crafting company, who hand make every album to order and although not cheap they are simply stunning & definitely worth every penny!  It was great to be able to catch up with Annette a few weeks later to go through their design with her before getting their album made.

Here are a just a few images from their wedding.

If you or anyone you know is getting married please do not hesitate to get in touch so we and can have chat about your wedding photography



Beth & Chris’s Wedding – St Peter’s Church Dunchurch, Warwickshire.

Beth & Chris’s Wedding – St Peter’s Church Dunchurch, Warwickshire.

Beth & Chris had chosen to get married in St Peter’s Church Dunchurch, Warwickshire followed by a reception in the beautiful settings of Beth’s Parent’s Home.

I had met with Beth & Chris a few weeks before their wedding to chat through what photographs they would like and what was most important to them, for me to capture.

As well as the traditional images and groups Beth & Chris really liked the more candid reportage style photos & so I suggested that I would bring one of my second photographers, Gemma to capture some additional images.  The suggestion of photographing the hard hats also cropped up & it’ll become clear as to why this was relevant!

The day of their wedding arrived & the weather was near perfect, always a good start 🙂

After spending the morning at the family home,with Beth & her family, where they we enjoying getting ready we then made our way to St Peter’s Church.

St Peter’s is a 14th century ‘usually’ picturesque church situated in the central square in Duchurch, however, for Beth & Chris’s wedding we had already been pre warned that St Peter’s was undergoing much needed major work on the tower & walls.  This had required the entire tower to be covered in scaffolding & sheet corrugated iron !  Fab for the church, not so great for wedding photographs! Beth & Chris had decided to embrace the ‘new look’ of the church rather than moan about the unfortunate backdrop & had even had two builder’s hard hats decorated by a friend, for the occasion.

After a lovely Church service & photos around the grounds … incorporating the hard hats! we made our way back to Beth’s family home , in Dunchurch, to carry on the celebrations. After capturing all of the group images Beth & Chris had requested we then got to spend some time around the grounds of their family farm home capturing posed & more natural shots of Beth & Chris. We maximised on the wonderful weather & fantastic props around the grounds including bales of hay & a great big red tractor :-).

The wedding reception was held in a superbly decorated marquee at the bottom of their garden.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a superb meal & the most amazing dessert (well it would have been rude to refuse!) before photographing the speeches.

Below are just a few of the images captured at Beth & Chris’s wedding.



If you or someone you know is getting married in and around Warwickshire (or even further afield!) & would like to chat about having your wedding photographed by a professional photographer please do not hesitate to call or email.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you x

Michelle and Sam’s Wedding at Coombe Abbey

Michelle and Sam booked me to photograph their wedding what seemed to be an age ago.  Their wedding was to be held at Coombe Abbey in Coventry.  Michelle is the head receptionist at Coombe so I was over the moon when they chose me to capture their special day, especially with the number of weddings and photographers she sees 🙂

Michelle and Sam had also booked Stuart to film their wedding and Gemma came out to 2nd shoot for me.

We made our way to Michelle’s house, and even though the weather was wet, cold and gloomy, the girls spirits were certainly not.  After photographing the morning’s preparation and getting the first sneeky peek at michelle’s beautiful dress, accessories and stunning flowers (by flowers by michelle) we headed to Coombe to meet Sam and all his Groomsmen.


michellesamblogPage002I always find time feels like it speeds up the nearer we get to the ceremony time and, with what only seemed like a blink of an eye, Michelle was arriving in style with her dad in the lovely vintage Rolls from The Wedding barn.

msblog 2Page003Michelle and Sam were married in the Abbeygate and after the service and signing of the register, Michelle, Sam, family & friends headed outside to enjoy the good old tradition of covering them in colourful confetti 🙂

msblog 2Page004

The weather couldn’t make it’s mind up as to whether it was going to rain or not so we quickly headed off with Michelle and Sam to grab a few photos of the two of them with the car & beautiful backdrop of the front of Coombe, which also meant Sam got to have a drive around in the car 🙂

msblog 2Page005

Just as we finished the photos with the car, as if on cue, the heavens opened so Stuart, Gemma & I  headed back inside to give Michelle & Sam a few minutes to have a drive around in the car & to start organising the people for the group photos.  We were lucky enough to have one of the indoor rooms available for the group shots and again, just as we had finished the smaller family groups, as if on cue, the rain stopped leaving us just about enough time to squeeze in the aerial shot of everyone, that they had hoped for.

msblog 2Page006

We stole Michelle and Sam away for a few more photos, well who could resist with Michelle looking so stunning… Sorry Sam, as dapper as you looked I’m afraid you were out-shone by Michelle & we captured one of my favourite image of their wedding…the full length image of Michelle standing in the window with the back of her dress draped beautifully behind her.

msblog 2Page007

The day just seemed to fly by and as we finished our last photos of them we headed to photograph the cloisters before guests sat down for the Wedding breakfast.  We captured the speeches, I’m not sure whether Sam spent more time laughing or hiding his face tee hee.

msblog 2Page008

Finally the evening came round oh too quickly and after cutting the cake and 1st dance,  Michelle had planed (or she thought she had 😉 ) that she would leave the room with Sam for a few minutes & when they came back in to the room everyone would be wearing masks of  Sam’s face …. what she hadn’t anticipated was that when they returned all the guests were wearing masks 🙂 but they weren’t just Sams face but MICHELLE as well 🙂 … what a brilliant idea!  I think at one point even Stuart and I had masks on which did make it a little tricky to see through my camera’s eye piece lol.

We said our goodnights and headed off home, a touch jealous as Michelle and Sam were heading off to Walt disney world for their honeymoon … however this did give us an idea for a final page for their album …

One of my other passions as well as photographing is drawing and design so as a little extra we suggested to them, that if they took some pictures they liked whilst in florida, I would make a montage page of images from their honeymoon for the end of their album… It also gave me change to design a little something special & illustrate a couple of extra little characters 🙂

msblog 2Page009

Camilla & Paddy’s Wedding – St Laurence Church & Stoneleigh Abbey

If it isn’t hard enough planning a wedding … Camilla & Paddy planned their UK wedding whilst living in New Zealand. Camilla’s mother helped with the plans & preparation as she lived much nearer to the venues … Switzerland !

Camilla had chosen to get married to Paddy in St Laurence Parish Church, Bidford-on-Avon followed by the reception at the beautiful Stoneleigh Abbey.  With a week to go the couple had flown in to the UK to finalise all the last minute details and to meet with me to go over their photography ideas (over a very lovely coffee and yummy slice of cake).

Camilla & Paddy were very keen to have some of their photographs taken in the great Library and the grand stair case within Stoneleigh Abbey & even though the weather was superb the indoor decor is stunning to be able to photograph.

Here are just a small selection of the images taken on the day.

c&p v1Page001

c&p v1Page003service pagePage021

c&p v1Page011c&p v1Page012

c&p v1Page014

c&p v1Page016

If you or anyone you know are getting married please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange an informal chat about the wedding photography your special day.

Louise & Bret’s Wedding at The Heart of England.

I always jump at the chance to work with Stuart (Kettell Video Productions).  Not only do we get to spend the day together but I love working with him as well.  This wedding was no exception, especially as it was for one of four daughters from a lovely Coventry family that we have had the pleasure of photographing all of their weddings, anniversaries & christenings, over many years.

Louise and Bret had chosen The Heart of England , near Fillongley, as their wedding venue.

It was a joy to photograph Louise & Bret’s wedding, especially as we are always made to feel so welcome by their friends & family.  And just for something different we  got to film & photograph the newly wed couple and their entourage abroad a pirate’s ship 🙂

Here are just a few of the images we took, capturing their special day.

Louise Bret blogPage001

Louise Bret blogPage002 copy

Louise Bret blogPage003

Louise Bret blogPage004 copy

Louise Bret blogPage005 copy

Louise Bret blogPage006

If you, or someone you know,are getting married and would like to chat about the photography for your special day, please do not hesitate to email or phone me.