Coombe Abbey Wedding photography | Marie & Julian’s Wedding

Coombe Abbey Wedding photography | Marie & Julian’s Wedding

Julian & Marie had chosen to have a Coombe Abbey Wedding, holding their special day in Coombe’s Marque on the beautiful East terrace.

I’m always very grateful when i receive a personal recommendation for my wedding photography 🙂 & after been given my details from his friend, Julian had called to talk about booking me as their wedding photographer.

The first thing I remember about Julian was his infectious laugh & how easy it was to chat with him. I knew this would be a lovely wedding to be part of. After we had gone through what he was looking for he also mentioned that he and Marie had wondered about having a wedding videographer.

As well as being Married, Stuart (kettell video productions) & I have worked together for years. Filming & photographing hundreds of weddings together throughout the whole of the UK including many Coombe Abbey Wedding’s.  To have another wonderful opportunity & to both be chosen to be part of Julian’s & Marie’s wedding was great 🙂

What a lovely day -as Stuart & I arrived at Coombe Abbey the Sun was shining, the weather was great & Julian didn’t stop smiling from the moment I saw him step out of the limousine. Marie & her ladies were equally as smiley. 😀

Julian & Marie has chosen to have their entire day filmed & photographed & afterward had asked me to produce a beautiful wedding album.

Below are just a few pages from the gorgeous wedding album I designed for then… & going by the bottle of champaign & very delicious box of choccies that they brought us as thank you gift… they were delighted by their wedding images, album & video.

MJG 10x10 Page001MJG 10x10 Page002MJG 10x10 Page003MJG 10x10 Page008MJG 10x10 Page011MJG 10x10 Page012MJG 10x10 Page014MJG 10x10 Page015MJG 10x10 Page016MJG 10x10 Page017MJG 10x10 Page018MJG 10x10 Page019MJG 10x10 Page020



If you are having a Coombe Abbey wedding or are getting married in Warickshire, the Midlands or even further afield then I would love to hear from you.

I can be easily contacted by filing out my contact form or by calling me on 07739096632.

A very busy summer of weddings

A very busy summer of weddings

Oh my, I barely know where to start other than to say yet again my poor old blog has been very sadly neglected in order to keep up with a very busy summer of weddings. As well as all of my wonderful corporate work around warwickshire & the midlands I have had the privilege of photographing 15 weddings during the summer holidays.  I absolutely love love then going back through each bride & groom special day & editing their photographs.  Often when I take a shot my head is already whirring with how I might create a final image 🙂


Below are just a few of my favourite photographs from some of the weddings Ive edited so far over the summer. Can’t wait to create more 🙂

Blog summer favs 0001

First Dance wedding photography

Blog summer favs 0002

Spencer Park Coventry Wedding Photography

Blog summer favs 0003

Ettington Park Wedding Photography

Blog summer favs 0004

Wedding Photography- Chapel at Ettington Park

Blog summer favs 0005

Night time wedding photography at Ettington Park

Blog summer favs 0006

Wedding photography at Mill Gardens, Warwick

Blog summer favs 0007

Wedding photography at Ardencote Manor

Blog summer favs 0008

Wedding photography at Hitchen Priory

Blog summer favs 0009

Wedding photography in Hatton Warwickshire

Blog summer favs 0010

Wedding photography at Nailcote Hall

Blog summer favs 0011

Wedding photography – confetti outside St Alphege, Solihull

Blog summer favs 0012

Wedding photography Great Barn, Ayhno

Blog summer favs 0013

wedding photography at Swallows Nest Barn

Blog summer favs 0014

Blog summer favs 0015

Beautiful bridal photography at Great Barn, Ayhno

Blog summer favs 0016

wedding photography at Great Barn, Ayhno

Blog summer favs 0017

Wedding photography at The Chace Hotel, Coventry

Blog summer favs 0018

Blog summer favs 0019

Wedding Photography at Hitchen Priory

Blog summer favs 0020

Colourful Confetti at Hitchen Priory

Blog summer favs 0021

Wedding Photography at Stratford Upon Avon Town Hall

Blog summer favs 0022

Wedding Photography at the Pavillion, Warwick

Blog summer favs 0023

Bridal party at Swallows Nest Barn, Warwickshire

Blog summer favs 0024

LOVE sparkler wedding photography at Swallows Nest Barn


…. & finally just for fun 😀 (Nathan, the groom had gifted wonderfully individual cufflinks to all his groomsmen – each cufflink was a superhero’s symbol from either Marvel & DC) … I really couldn’t help myself !! 😀

Blog summer favs 0025


If you are getting married in 2017, 2018 or later please get in touch with us today.  I can’t promise I can turn you into a superhero but I would love to be part of your special day too x

Sophie & David’s Ettington Park Wedding

Sophie & Davids couple shot

Sophie & David’s Ettington Park wedding

Sophie & David had chosen to get married in the beautifully grand Neo-Gothic mansion of Ettington Park Hotel, in Stratford. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing at Ettington on numerous occasions & its always lovely to be back here.

I had met with Sophie & David few weeks before their wedding to chat through what photographs they would like and what was most important to them, for me to capture.

Stuart was already booked to film at an alternative event that evening however I managed to twisted his arm & asked him to come & photograph part of their wedding with me, in order to capture some lovely reportage images & alternative angles.

The day of their wedding arrived & the weather was near perfect, always a good start 🙂

After spending the morning with Sophie & her girls getting ready, we met up with David & his groomsmen & a very Red very beautiful E Type Jag provided by Grooms on time.  David was certainly in his element 🙂

After a lovely service & photos around the grounds, including the wonderful onsite chapel & of course not forgetting a quick spin in the E-Type (well it would have been rude not to ! :-D), we moved the celebrations in side for the wedding breakfast.

The wedding reception was held in a superbly decorated long gallery with speeches to follow.

Sophie & David & all of their guests had made me feel so welcome & their bridal party had been more helpful than you could have wished for.  It really made their wedding such a pleasure to photograph.

Not one to miss an opportunity, after staying to photograph the evening celebrations & first dance I asked if the best man, Ben would help me with one more photography.  As strange as it may sound, when I click the button of my camera Im don’t just producing an image. I want to create a lasting memory, a moment thats may be preserved as an image but when look at brings back the feelings of enjoyment/elation & happiness that was felt at the moment it was taken. So this is what I mean…

Ben came out side to act as my assistant to capture this final beautiful nighttime shot.  Apart from Ettington being lit it was pitch-black so I’d asked Ben to shine a torch on to the area I’d wanted to focus on.  I set up the shot & then brought Sophie & David down for the photograph.  Ben did his shining of the torch perfectly & then I’d asked him to run & hide, which he did behind the pillar, joking away as he did.  Now in the shot you don’t see Ben but when Sophie & David saw this image as well as loving it as a photograph Sophie jokingly recalled how Ben had had to run & hide.  Yes, may be it does sound silly but I don’t just want to create great photographs, I want to also create great happy memories behind those great photographs 🙂 ! I know from David & Sophie’s reaction that I had certainly achieved this for them 🙂

Below are just a few of the images captured at Sophie & David’s wedding. Their full gallery can be found within the client area.  All galleries are password protected so please see David & Sophie for the details x


SDB 10x10 Page001SDB 10x10 Page002SDB 10x10 Page003SDB 10x10 Page004SDB 10x10 Page005SDB 10x10 Page006SDB 10x10 Page007SDB 10x10 Page008bSDB 10x10 Page009SDB 10x10 Page010SDB 10x10 Page011SDB 10x10 Page012SDB 10x10 Page013SDB 10x10 Page014

SDB Ettington Night

Ettington Park Hotel night time Wedding photograph


New Years Eve Wedding at Coombe Abbey, Coventry – Laura & Steve’s Wedding

After photographing probably one of my longest weddings to date which spanning a whole year ! yes – a whole year !! (well ok technically 9am 31st Dec 2016 – 1am 1st January 2017 😉 ) I Just couldn’t help myself by skipping right to the very last image I photographed & editing it first.  Why? because I knew it would be one of my favourites & I was so excited to have a play with this sparkly night image.

I will be editing the rest of Laura & Steve’s New year’s eve wedding images taken at their recent wedding held at Coombe Abbey, a beautiful & unique country house hotel which I have had the pleasure of photographing at on numerous occasions.

Can’t wait to share some more when Laura & Steve have had chance to view them 🙂


Laura & Steve beautiful New Year’s eve wedding at Coombe Abbey Hotel



Wedding Photography at Walton Hall, Wellesboune – Laura & Ben’s Wedding

Wedding Photography at Walton Hall, Wellesboune – Laura & Ben’s Wedding

Stuart (kettell video production)  & I, again, had the pleasure of photographing & filming another wedding together. Laura & Ben had chosen the lovely Walton Hall in Wellesbourne. Nestled in 65 acres of picturesque countryside in Warwickshire Walton Hall Hotel charming hotel & a perfect setting for Laura & Ben to hold their wedding service & then their reception. The day had started off a little drizzley but this definitely didn’t put a dampener on things! & as luck would have it by the time we went out side to photograph, the weather was just perfect.

Ben & Laura had asked if we could an arial heart shape group shot & walton hall has a perfect balcony for such a shot :-). After fairly quickly organising all of their wedding guests in to probably the best heart shape I’ve done to date, with lots of pointing & arm waving from up high, Ben & Laura proudly took centre stage in order to capture their stunning group shot.

Group shots & games on the lawn followed & while guest were making the most of the beautiful grounds & the entertainment, we took Laura & Ben off for a little while to capture their couple shots.

We walked out to the far side of the lake & carefully negotiating a route around the duck poo! allowed us to photograph my favourite two images or Laura & Ben from their day.

Here is just a sneaky peek of some of their images from their day🙂

All of their images are now available to view on my main website. If you are a friend or family member please ask Laura & Ben for their password.


Laura and Ben’s Wedding at Walton Hall


Wedding Photography at St Thomas’ Church, Keresley & St Mary’s Guild Coventry – Amy & Adam’s Wedding

Stuart & I had the pleasure of photographing & filming Amy & Adam’s Wedding a few weeks ago.  Amy & Adam had chosen to have their service held at St Thomas’ Church, Keresley followed by their wedding reception at St Mary’s Guild in Coventry.

Here is just a sneaky peek of some of their images from their day 🙂

All of their images are now available to view on my main website. If you are a friend or family member please ask Amy & Adam for their password.

Wedding at st Thomas' Church Coventry

Wedding at st Thomas’ Church Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary's Guild Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary’s Guild Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary's Guild Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary’s Guild Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary's Guild Coventry

Wedding photography at St Mary’s Guild Coventry

Congratulations again to you both & I’ll look forward to seeing your image choices for your wedding album x

Wedding Photography Wethele Manor Warickshire- David & Ilsa’s

Stuart & I have know Dave for a number of years after being privileged enough to photograph for the Peugeot Citroen DS Group for years. So to be asked to photography his & Ilsa’s wedding was simply the icing on the cake 🙂

Dave & Ilsa had chosen to get married at the idyllic 16th Century Wethele Manor Hotel .

Wethele Manor is a wonderfully family run exclusive wedding venue located just 2 miles from Royal Leamington Spa in the heart of Warwickshire. After photographing weddings there on numerous occasions I have always been impressed at the level of service offered by Simon & his team.

After spending the morning photographing Ilsa & her children in their preparation we then moved to Wethele Manor to meet with Dave & his best man.

Bridal Preparation

Wethele ManorGroom & Best Man Photo

As always, the setting had been beautifully decorated in preparation for the Wedding breakfast & after spending some time photographing all the small details which makes each wedding unique Stuart & I got ready for Ilsa’s arrival.

After a lovely emotional service, group & family photos we took Dave & Ilsa off around the grounds. Wow what a truly fun couple! Not only did their joy & complete Love for each other shine through but it made it such an overwhelming pleasure to photograph them both together. Some people & destined to be together & it was obvious that Dave & Ilsa certainly were 🙂

Above are just a few or the hundreds of images Stuart & I capture during Dave & Ilsa’s wedding.


If you are getting married at Wethele Manor or another Warwickshire/ West Midlands Venue please do not hesitate to contact me as I would love to chat to you about photographing your special day 🙂