A little something for me

A little something for me

As a photographer with 3 young girls you’d think I’d have LOADS of pictures of them right? – Wrong lol ! My children always seem to get the sillies when I try to photograph them & mutter statements like “owh not again mummy … you photographed us LAST year, why do you want more?”.  If only they realised how so utterly precious these photographs are for me.

Each year I compare the images taken the previous year & suddenly realise how huge in-fact those seemingly almost unnoticeable little subtle changes that occur every day suddenly are. In a blink of an eye my little girls are growing up way too fast! but these photos will give me my beautiful permanent memories I can always cherish.

I have a wonderful friend who is also Godmother to my children & luckily also a photographer :-D. Every year near my birthday Lisa gets me to pop over to her studio where I attempt my annual mini photo shot of my own children.  Being in someone else’s studio seems to have a slight calming influence needed :-). My aim – just to get a small handful of images to add to my treasured memories of my children as they grow.

I’ll keep this post short but here are a few of my favourites.


Side profile images. 3 years of comparison

How we’ve changed – 3 images taken 1 year apart



Steph Dean & Family – Home Photo Shoot

Over Christmas I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely family at their home in Kenilworth.

After much bribery with biscuits & children’s tv (thank goodness for Justin’s House) we finally managed to get all the kids- big & little 🙂 !! to sit for a group shot & with two wonderfully active children that’s no mean feet !

Today was a great chance to play with my new contemporary wall paper backdrop & wooden flooring as well as my all white backdrop.

Here are a few shots from their home photo shoot.

The rest of Steph’s photos will be available to view on my password protected gallery available at http://www.victoriajanephotography.co.uk.

If you would like to have a home family photo shoot please call me to book a session on 07739 096 632 🙂

Leigh & Family – Home Photo Shoot

Any one who knows me will know that I’m very much a “people person”, so how cool’s my job ? … particularly when I get to photograph a fun loving family such as Leigh & her family.

Here is just a sneaky peak at a few of the photos taken that evening.

If you want a family photo shoot in and around Warwickshire, or if you have any kind of family celebration coming up, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My number is 07739096632.

Theresa | Home Photo Shoot by Victoria Jane Photography

I was delighted to be asked by a local Coventry business woman to do some new photographs for her. Theresa owns Kendalls Deli in Earlsdon Street (highly recommended for all sorts of fresh foods ….. and I can personally recommend them as a great place to stop for lunch time coffee and snacks). She asked me to do some up-to-date photos that she can use personally and for her business activities. I set up my studio equipment at her home and we set to. Here’s a small taster …..

I’m really pleased with the way the photos came out. Of course, we did many more than this and Theresa will be able to view them on my main website in her personal gallery of images. We had good fun. Theresa was relaxed and comfortable in her own home …. and another advantage is that she was able to change clothes to give a variety of ‘looks’.


Here’s what Theresa had to say about me on her recent Twitter post ….

Really impresssed by photos taken of me by Victoria Jane Photography and it was fun, recommend them highly!

– Thanks Theresa!


If you need some new profile photos or simply want something new for your personal-use please give me a call on 07739096632. I do many photos at my client’s homes or offices and my prices are very reasonable without compromising quality. Basically, I’ll do what you want …. and I can create virtually any photo product you need from web sized files to simple prints, acrylic blocks, canvases etc.

5 Minute Photos!

We visited some old friends in Staffordshire yesterday and I took my camera. I grabbed the chance to take a few snaps of their boys. The whole session only took 5 minutes but I’m pleased with the images I got. Some are shown below:

Bubble Fun!

I'm the main man!

No! - I am!

These boys were great! Very co-operative for the whole 5 minutes! Not bad considering there were footballs, trikes, bikes and spades to play with!

I love working with children of all ages and I usually manage to achieve very good results within a few minutes. Contact me if you are interested in doing the same with your family. Tel: 07739096632

or visit www.victortiajanephotography.co.uk

Family Photo Session

Here are a few teaser images of the children of a family I did a photo shoot for a couple of weeks ago. I’ve processed the images, and for family members and friends, the full selection of images can be viewed on the password-protected area of my website. These are just to give you an idea of some of the images I create and they are typical of what I do regularly …..

Cheeky Chappy!

Happy Chappy!

Alert and Keen!

Colourful Fun!

Big Brother is watching over you!

Bubbles Bubbles and more Bubbles!

Cool bike.... I'm jealous!

I love working with children of all ages. The sessions are often fun and unpredictable but I do everything possible to ensure they enjoy being in-front of the camera and I think their enjoyment comes through in the photographs. These two youngsters were delightful and funny! I had a great time!!

Grace and Philipp – Pre-Wedding Shoot

We met Grace and Philipp today, a lovely couple who we instantly got on well with! We were at Hampton Manor near to Meriden and we met to plan their wedding photography and to help them to get used to being in-front of the camera.

Hamptom Manor near to Meriden

What a lovely choice of venue! Really nice inside and out – a perfect choice!

It was very bright and sunny, but it was absolutely freezing! I could hardly feel my fingers by the time we’d finished!

Hampton Manor Entrance

A Grand Entrance!

When we do photo shoots we always provide a range of images that have been colour corrected, selectively cropped, are a mixture of B&W and full colour and sometimes with selective ‘colour-popping’.

Grace and Philipp

Grace and Philipp - Getting Comfortable!

We’ve agreed with Grace and Philipp that my husband, Gary, will go along as a second photographer at their wedding. We often do this! It enables us to get more shots and to use different lenses at the same time for similar shots.

We’re told that Philipp often closes his eyes when being photographed. Not this time! …….Too quick for him!

Hope you all agree that they are very photogenic couple and I’m really looking forward to their wedding at this lovely venue in March. I can’t wait to meet their family and friends who will be visiting from as far a-field as Singapore, New Zealand and Germany! I’m sure it will be a fabulous day!

Final note: If you are friends or family of Grace and Philipp there are more images on my main website here – but they are password protected. You’ll need to contact Grace and Philipp to get the password to view them.

Limited Offer For January

Family Photo shoot at your home + an A3 canvas print of your favourite image for only £100

If you live near to Coventry or Rugby (incl Leamington, Kenilworth, Warwick, Stratford, Meriden, Solihull etc) I’m willing to come to your home, set up my portable studio equipment and do a photo shoot of you and your family. We can do individual shots, group shots, High key and Low Key shots. I’ll then prepare a comprehensive mixture of images (including a mixture of full-colour, cropped, black and white, ‘colour-popped’ images). The images will be presented on the password-protected area of my website for you to view. You can then choose your favourite image to have printed onto Canvas, ready to hang on your wall.

Other Products

You would then be free to buy other prints or products if you wish: whether they be mounted prints of various sizes, block frame prints, presentation print boxes, acrylic block-mounted prints etc. We can do just about anything you want!