Emel and Viktor | Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot by Victoria Jane Photography

I met up with this fab couple yesterday to discuss their up-coming wedding photography at the Forest of Arden Hotel near to Meriden and Maxstoke in Warwickshire. We did a few practice shots to get them used to being in-front of the camera. Emel and Viktor are a great looking couple who know exactly what they want to achieve from their images; including many contemporary ‘artistic’ shots on the day. I’m looking forward to the challenge! For now, here’s a glimpse of what to expect ……….

I’m really looking forward to doing this wedding. It’s a great location with great opportunities for some really good shots. I hope the weather holds so we can make best use of the grounds, but if not I can still make use of that great stairway among other things. I’m sure that Emel will look fabulous on the day…… Viktor is a lucky man!


Love Soup | Product Photography by Victoria Jane Photography

Food! …… That’s one of my favourite subjects, so when I was asked to photograph the ingredients for some very special soup dishes and the final products themselves I was keen to take it on. The photographs are going to be published in a new book which is being published in aid of charity. Here’s a small selection of the images that are shortlisted for use in the book ……

I’ve really enjoyed doing this photography, from trudging through local allotments to loitering in vegetable markets, to watching and photographing the highly skilled chefs in Millsy’s restaurant in Earlsdon, Coventry. I can’t wait to see the finished product in print.

Primarily my business is wedding and children’s/family photography. However, I’m up for most things and it’s good to have some variety. I know my client on this shoot was thrilled with my work and has already asked me to do more. If you’ve got a need for some corporate or product photography please call me to discuss. My rates are very reasonable and I always go the extra mile to make sure I achieve what you want.

Ettington Park Hotel | Wedding Photography Venue by Victoria Jane Photography

We had a rare hour off yesterday and so we decided to pay a visit to the very lovely Ettington Park Hotel near to Stratford upon Avon. We know it well and it’s a special place for us because it’s where Gary and I got married in 2006. We are photographing another wedding there later in the year. I Can’t wait!

Ettington Park Hotel set in acres of beautiful grounds – perfect wedding venue

Front view of Ettington Park Hotel – Main Entrance

The above photograph shows the very lovely small chapel in the fabulous grounds of Ettington Park Hotel. Ideal for blessings.

The architecture allows some lovely shots that complement any wedding album design

A relatively plain old door you might think .. but just ne of the wonderful backdrops available for a bride in her dress!

I’ve done a couple of weddings at Ettington Park hotel this year and I’ve got one more booked. I absolutely love the place, it’s a photographer’s dream and speaking from personal experience it’s the perfect venue for a very special wedding day. I’m currently looking to do more photography there. If you are getting married at Ettington Park hotel I’m seriously considering offering a special-priced package for one lucky couple who books me and then agrees to my using their images as part of my public portfolio. If this would be of interest to you please contact me to have a proper discussion!

Loton Park Hillclimb – Some Snapshots (non Professional quality)

Last Sunday Gary (my husband, who also does photography with me) took his old Canon 350d camera along to the Loton Park Hill Climb near to Shrewsbury. He wasn’t seriously attempting to do ‘proper shots’ and the camera is no where near the standard that we’d normally use but he still took some nice shots. Here’s a small selection from the hundreds of photos he took………

TVR’s galore from Vixens to Griffiths, Tamoras and T350s

Purple, Not a typical TVR colour maybe …. but you should have heard it!

Loads of little Pugs. Trying really hard and just about with 4 wheels on the tarmac!

Little Vauxhall Corsa’s were also on show

Lifting a wheel in a fabulously quick Lotus Elise – Winner of class I think, and female driver!

Proving that modern Fords are still serious competitors. This White RS Turbo lifting a rear wheel at the final corner.

Nice to see the last MG saloons being put to good use. Striking colours too!

One of several Escorts including Old RS2000s and Mexicos. Great to see them still alive and kicking some of the modern upstarts!

I’m not sure about the times but the older RWD Escorts still seemed competitive around the bends.

If you needed waking up this was the one to do it! I believe it won it’s class and the Audi Quattro was a sight and sound to behold. Cackle, burble, bang … and that was just standing still! What a rocket…. no wonder the Group B rally cars of the 80s were banned for being too fast!

Saturday, apperently was the day for Westfields and Caterham 7s but there were still a few on show on Sunday …. and could they shift? Don’t know about this Orange No.59 but no wonder they are favourites among kit car enthusiasts.

Quite a few single seaters on show and of course they were very quick. Not all was well on this run though …. an argument with the cones about 1/4 of the way up the hill but he still carried on!

Missed out on what this was! ~Lovely car and the driver really gave it some stick!  Please let me know if you know what it is.

– And to finish, We’ve got a soft spot for TVRs so I thought I’d finish this snap shot with this lovely example

If you were at Loton Park for the hill climb on Sunday and your car is featured here please make a comment. If you were there and your car isn’t featured we may still have an image. Let us know it’s number and we’ll have a look. The images are also available to buy if you are interested. I can upload to my main website if you want to order anything……Just let me know.

I know Gary had a great time at this really friendly event and he wished he’d taken his pro camera and lenses …. but I suspect he’ll be back there in September.