Emel and Viktor | Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot by Victoria Jane Photography

I met up with this fab couple yesterday to discuss their up-coming wedding photography at the Forest of Arden Hotel near to Meriden and Maxstoke in Warwickshire. We did a few practice shots to get them used to being in-front of the camera. Emel and Viktor are a great looking couple who know exactly what they want to achieve from their images; including many contemporary ‘artistic’ shots on the day. I’m looking forward to the challenge! For now, here’s a glimpse of what to expect ……….

I’m really looking forward to doing this wedding. It’s a great location with great opportunities for some really good shots. I hope the weather holds so we can make best use of the grounds, but if not I can still make use of that great stairway among other things. I’m sure that Emel will look fabulous on the day…… Viktor is a lucky man!


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot at Charlecote Pheasant Hotel | Carrie and Chris

Here’s a snap shot of some of the images from another Pre-wedding shoot at Charlecote Pheasant Hotel near to Stratford upon Avon. Chris and Carrie brought along their daughter who will also have a starring role at their wedding … so it’s just as well that she got a chance to see what it’s like infront of the camera too!

I’ve put the full set of images on my main website for them to view but for now here’s a taster ….

They are a lovely family and I’m really looking forward to photographing their special day.

I do pre-wedding shoots for all of my album and digital packages so that couples get to know me better, they have a taster of what to expect on the day, start to get used to being in-front of the camera and they can give me a better idea of what they are/are not comfortable with.

Please leave a comment or ask a question about my pre-wedding shoots (see below).


Natalie and Lee | Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot at Charlecote Pheasant Hotel

I really like the run-up to photographing a wedding …. and one of the things I like doing the best is meeting up with the bride and groom a week or two earlier to finalise their plans and to take some practice shots. It’s fun and informal and it allows the couple to get used to the camera and gives them a good idea of what to expect on the day. Natalie and Lee are getting married in a couple of weeks at the lovely Charlecote Pheasant hotel near to Stratford upon Avon. Here’s a teaser from their pre-wedding shoot ………………..

We 'wheely' liked doing these photos!

Getting Comfortable

Laid back couple

Relaxing in the garden

It'll soon be time to carry her over the threshold!

Natalie and Lee are a great couple with a lovely sense of humour – and they know what they want! I’m looking forward to seeing if I can achieve some of the more unusual shots that Natalie wants me to try with some of the guests on their wedding day. If the guests are anything like Natalie and Lee I think We’ve got a good chance! Watch this space!

Kelly and Michael: Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot at The Royal Court Hotel, Coventry

I always encourage my wedding couples to meet me before their wedding day at their chosen venue to discuss their ideas about their wedding day and to decide which photographs they would like and where in the grounds or buildings we will plan to take them.

Here’s a flavour of the practice shots I did for Kelly and Michael who are getting married later this month at the Royal Court Hotel in Coventry.

Kelly and Michael - this location will be ideal on the day

Getting Comfortable

I’m really pleased that Kelly and Michael took to the camera so easily. They are obviously very comfortable with each other and this really enabled me to get some natural shots right from the start. I know they are going to look great on their wedding day and I’m really looking forward to capturing all of their special memories for them.