Pauline and Rod | Wedding Photography by Victoria Jane Photography

This lovely couple were an absolute delight! It was the first of two weddings that we attended this weekend …. and what a great start it was! Pauline and Rod got married at the Lawrence Saunders Baptist church in Coundon, Coventry. They went on to the lovely grounds and the Old House at Coundon Court School followed by a reception meal and more celebrations at Scarmen House on the campus of Warwick University. This is a ‘teaser’ set of photographs. I’ll be editing many more for Pauline and Rod to view on my main website when they get back from their honeymoon. For now ………

Lots of banter but the Brotherly love showed through! Rod on the left as we view.

Everyone had their button holes on their jackets before they arrived so Rod had to be quite still for this shot! Dodging the rain too!

The advantage of two photographers! Gary took these discretely from the very back of the church while I was off to the side at the front.

The rain was quite determined all morning but it didn’t spoil our spirits …. Hang on! – is that a slightly grumpy driver I see?

Fab Oak door inside Coundon Court Old House …. pity we didn’t have more time there but we still got some lovely shots

Which one is the youngster here? Looks like it’s the groom …. so much energy!

Here he is again, he just couldn’t keep his feet on the ground! Infact, it looks like Pauline’s swept him off his feet!

And on to Sarmen House, a new venue for me but one I’d gladly recommend to others. Lovely bright room and well set out

Now, you might be thinking that’s not a real piggy back … well you’d be wrong! We had to run to catch them!

These amateur photographers really can be quite helpful sometimes

What a lovely couple!

Such a high energy day we just had to hint that we needed them to slow down!

I hope Pauline and Rod are enjoying their trip to New York and I hope they manage to get internet access to view these teaser images. Everyone had a great day and I hope these first images start to tell the story. I’ll upload many more images to the password protected area of my main website in the next week or two. Rod and Pauline will have the password for anyone who wishes to view them.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these as much as I enjoyed selecting them and I’d love you to leave a comment here on this blog.


Body Sculpting & Fitness Photography by Warwickshire Photographer, Victoria Jane

I recently started attending Pilates classes as a gentle introduction to getting fit again. It didn’t take me long to realise that my Pilates instructor, Heather, knows much more about fitness than I ever will and she’s a perfect advert for her own abilities and determination. Fully clothed she looks like a slim waif of a woman. Remove the top layer and you start to see why she’s such a great advocate for her sport ……

Here’s Heather  …..

Heather is a really good Pilates teacher and it’s obvious that her own personal fitness regime and knowledge go way beyond this. She asked me to do these shots for use with a local newspaper article and for her own promotional materials. I know she’s happy with the photos and I really hope she does well in her up-coming competitions.