Fabulous Cushions – Product Photography by Victoria Jane Photography

I’m known primarily as a wedding and children’s and family photographer. But I do other things as well! Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing some really interesting products produced by the very talented Lorna Syson of Lorna Syson Textiles, based in Coventry . This is the second time that I’ve done product shots for her to include in her brochures, on her website and for submission to magazines and newspapers who do articles about her work.

All of the bespoke cushions and the fabric wall art in this first photo were created by Lorna.

These bespoke products are hand-made by Lorna using a totally organic material made from nettles of all things! I can testify to how beautiful they are …. and very soft to the touch!

I’m also really pleased that Lorna used many of my original images of her products in some of her recent national and international press articles. Most of the images shown on the Living magazine were created by me ….

Cushion Photos by me!

Top and bottom-left Photos by me

If you’re interested in finding out more about Lorna’s work and bespoke products you can view her website here … Lorna Syson Textiles

I’m really looking forward to working with Lorna again soon and I can’t wait to see what she creates next!


Kelly and Michael – Wedding Photography in Coventry by Victoria Jane Photography

Gary and I did the photography at Kelly and Michael’s wedding at the Royal Court Hotel in Keresley in Coventry. The weather was predicted to be pretty awful but we got away with it! Here’s a sneak preview of some of the images from their lovely wedding ……

Fantastic Family - Mum and Dad hiding in the background!

We thoroughly enjoyed doing the photographs for Kelly and Michael. They are such a nice couple, very natural in-front of the cameras and easy to work with. They’ve got three fantastic children who looked great and were really well behaved, polite and cooperative.

I’ll be posting many more prepared images to my main website shortly. You’ll need a password to access them all so please ask Kelly or Michael if you’d like to view them.


Leeds Castle – Inside (fit for a king!)

Since doing the wedding in Kent I’ve been asked by quite a few people if the castle is as nice inside as it is on the outside. See what you think! ………

Front View - Leeds Castle

And here’s a photo that I took before the formals began ….

Just like my dining room at home 🙂

What do you think? It really is a beautiful castle ….. and obviously a fantastic venue for a wedding! Future brides and grooms – start saving now!

Leeds Castle at Night

Leeds castle at Night - Hand Held!

I worked along-side another photographer doing a wedding at the very lovely Leeds Castle in Kent last weekend. I’m contracted not to divulge any details about the wedding couple or their guests but the castle was so beautiful that I just HAD to stop and take a quick snap shot as I was leaving after midnight! I didn’t have my tripod so this image was hand-held. It’s not perfect, but I’m pleased about how well it turned out.

Children’s Face Painting – Earlsdon St, Coventry, 10th July

Earlsdon Kids enjoy face painting

We had a great time at Phoenix in Earlsdon Street in Coventry and our face painter was great! I took loads of photos on the day and I thought I’d show you just a few! We’ll definitely be doing more next year and I’d highly recommend Verity from ‘Sweethearts’ Face Painting in Coventry.

Saturday 10th July – Busy Day – Late Night Update

Sat 10th July 11:30pm

Just got home and have been taking photographs all day today since 9am!

Face Painting and Photographs in Earlsdon

Photos to follow once processed

I had a lovely time in our family-owned shop today (Phoenix Office and Printer Supplies in Earlsdon, Coventry). I set up one of my small portable studios with 4 lights and white backdrop. We organised a Children’s face painter (Verity from sweethearts in Coventry, who was very good!). I took photos of the Children afterwards and gave them a 6″x8″ print to take away with them.

Note to parents of children who had their faces painted today – If we agreed a password during the photo session I do intend to post extra images of your child on my main website in the next week or so. I’ve got other work to do first but I will be putting your children’s images on my main website within the next week in the Children’s Portraits Gallery.


Wedding Anniversary Celebrations for Mary and Mark Owen in Earlsdon

This evening I was booked to do a few family photos at a 25th wedding anniversary celebration in Earlsdon. We had a great time and, to my surprise, the people kept on coming! I really enjoyed myself, including meeting some past and present customers of our printer shop in Earlsdon. However, I was caught out by the shear numbers of photos I needed to do and so it will take me a good few days to prepare the images for viewing on a dedicated gallery on my main website 🙂

I’ll let Mary Owen know each time I add more images so she can inform her guests. I’ll do my best to get them up on the gallery asap.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got any problems or want an update please call me on 07739096632.


Looking Forward to Saturday – Face Painting and Photos for Coventry Kids

I’m really looking forward to Saturday 10th July. I’m going to be working in my family-owned shop in Earlsdon in Coventry. The Earlsdon Street Traders Association is putting on some special events for shoppers as part of it’s summer ‘Earlsdon-On-Sea’ event and Phoenix shop is having a children’s face painter ……. and I’m doing some instant photos to go with it.

On the day I’ll be doing before and after shots of children (without and with faces painted) and using my event printer I’ll be printing off an 8″x6″ photo straight away for the children to take home. My aim will be to take several photos of each child.

I’ll also be putting on a small display of my canvas prints and my wedding albums …. And …. I’ll have some special offers available for anyone who successfully recommends me to do photography for future wedding couples …. And…… I’ll have a special offer available for family photo shoots at home.

Pop along on Saturday if you are near to Earlsdon in Coventry. You’ll be very welcome and if you’ve got kids they can get their face painted!

I’ll be based at Phoenix Office and Printer Supplies, 43 Earlsdon Street, Coventry, CV5 6EP all day from 9am to 4pm.

Kelly and Michael: Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot at The Royal Court Hotel, Coventry

I always encourage my wedding couples to meet me before their wedding day at their chosen venue to discuss their ideas about their wedding day and to decide which photographs they would like and where in the grounds or buildings we will plan to take them.

Here’s a flavour of the practice shots I did for Kelly and Michael who are getting married later this month at the Royal Court Hotel in Coventry.

Kelly and Michael - this location will be ideal on the day

Getting Comfortable

I’m really pleased that Kelly and Michael took to the camera so easily. They are obviously very comfortable with each other and this really enabled me to get some natural shots right from the start. I know they are going to look great on their wedding day and I’m really looking forward to capturing all of their special memories for them.

Leroy’s 30th Birthday Bash in Coventry

I was asked to do a photo shoot at Leroy’s 30th birthday celebration in Coventry a week or two back. I processed the images a while ago but it’s only now that I’ve got round to adding a few images to this blog.

I’ll let the images do the talking. They were a great bunch of guys and were a lot of fun… and I’m really pleased that they had a nice time. It’s nice to have lots of individual photos but sometimes its fun to create a montage so I thought I’d do one here…….

Montage of Photos from Leroy's 30th

I tend to promote myself as a wedding and family/children’s portrait photographer but I’m equally happy to do corporate events and special occasions such as birthday parties. In fact, in the next few weeks I’m doing some anniversary parties and prom nights as well as some product shots for web sites.

If you know of anybody who might need a photographer for any of these things please let me know.


Angie and Dom at Warwick Register Office and the Saxon Mill

From time to time I get asked to do weddings for other photographers. It was a real pleasure to take on the photography for Angie and Dominic who got married at Warwick Register office and then celebrated the rest of their day at the Saxon Mill just outside Warwick.

Angie and Dom were an absolutely lovely couple who responded well to the camera and had a very welcome laid back, easy going approach. Here’s a few taster images for them to look at. I’m sure they’ll be delighted with the photos and I’ll be processing the rest of the images and passing them on to the photographer who they booked with in the next day or two.

Best Man being nice to the Groom (For once!)

When I process images for my own clients or for other photographers I like to add a few effects. This shot lent itself perfectly to my ‘colour-popping’ technique.

Angie's Supporting team look fab!

First glimpse of Angie when she arrives

Warwick register office, like many others, have strict rules about what Photographers can and can’t do during the service. I always make sure I do the most I can without upsetting anybody! One shot I can take is the exchange of the rings ….

Dom hopes it fits!

Signing of the register

Here’s one of my trademark images. If guests are in my way I’ll make use of their image …. just a bit of fun!

Guests can be helpful with their cameras!

A very happy family! Angie, Dom and Heath

Some register offices have very little in the way of greenery to take nice outdoor photos. Warwick register office is one of the nicer ones ….

Whole group shot at Warwick Register Office

And yes, I do colour them all in! See below!

Confetti galore!

Some time alone!

The Saxon Mill gives some nice photo opportunities ….

Bridge at the Saxon Mill

Sorry Dom, all eyes on Angie!

Angie looked stunning on the day as I think you’ll agree in these shots.

Pooh Sticks, anyone?

A little time to reflect

I really enjoyed doing this wedding for Angie and Dom and their lovely guests. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these taster images. I’ll be passing all of these images and quite a few more onto their photographer for him to prepare their album (if that’s what they choose). Meanwhile, I hope this gives you more of a flavour of my style of photography.

If you know of anyone who needs a wedding photographer or a family portrait photographer in Warwickshire or anywhere in the Midlands I can also be booked directly under my own business name (Victoria Jane Photography) on 07739096632 or by email on vicky@victoriajanephotography.co.uk

My main website can be found by clicking here or by clicking on my photograph on this home page