Kelly and Michael – Wedding Photography in Coventry by Victoria Jane Photography

Gary and I did the photography at Kelly and Michael’s wedding at the Royal Court Hotel in Keresley in Coventry. The weather was predicted to be pretty awful but we got away with it! Here’s a sneak preview of some of the images from their lovely wedding ……

Fantastic Family - Mum and Dad hiding in the background!

We thoroughly enjoyed doing the photographs for Kelly and Michael. They are such a nice couple, very natural in-front of the cameras and easy to work with. They’ve got three fantastic children who looked great and were really well behaved, polite and cooperative.

I’ll be posting many more prepared images to my main website shortly. You’ll need a password to access them all so please ask Kelly or Michael if you’d like to view them.


Kelly and Michael: Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot at The Royal Court Hotel, Coventry

I always encourage my wedding couples to meet me before their wedding day at their chosen venue to discuss their ideas about their wedding day and to decide which photographs they would like and where in the grounds or buildings we will plan to take them.

Here’s a flavour of the practice shots I did for Kelly and Michael who are getting married later this month at the Royal Court Hotel in Coventry.

Kelly and Michael - this location will be ideal on the day

Getting Comfortable

I’m really pleased that Kelly and Michael took to the camera so easily. They are obviously very comfortable with each other and this really enabled me to get some natural shots right from the start. I know they are going to look great on their wedding day and I’m really looking forward to capturing all of their special memories for them.