A Wedding by the Beach – In the Midlands!

From time to time I get requests to work along-side other photographers. I’m quite ‘picky’ about who I work with because I like working with people for whom I’ve got respect for their skills and overall approach. One Coventry Photographer and Videographer who I often work with is Stuart Kettell who owns Kettell Video Productions in Coventry. Sometimes, when he is asked to do videos he asks me to do the photography for him, and sometimes we both do the photography together.

On 5th June I attended Bev and Matt’s wedding at the Heart Of England Events and Conference Centre in Fillongley, Meriden, between Coventry and Solihull. Stuart was the main photographer but I still took loads of photos on the day and Stuart now has many of my specially chosen and manipulated images to present to Bev and Matt as he chooses. Here’s a flavour of the day (all images shown below were taken by me):

St. Thomas' church, Keresley, Coventry

Stuart was leading this wedding but Star jumps (when the grooms’ men are willing…and able) are a nice ice-breaker that we both regularly use at our weddings.

Inside St Thomas' Church, Keresley, Coventry

It’s lovely when the features of a building such as these arch-ways can be used to ‘form a frame’ around the main subjects of the image (the bride and groom). This example shows why it can be beneficial to have two photographers at your wedding (which we do for almost every wedding we take on) since Stuart was concentrating on different photos from a different location while I was able to get these ones.

The Kiss!

Didn’t she look lovely? Matt is a lucky man!

Another example of the second photographer (me, in this case) being able to get a shot that a photographer on their own wouldn’t get because they are almost always near to the front and at the side at this point in the service.

You’ll notice I’ve chosen some black and white images to show you here. When I present images to my wedding clients I always include a nice mixture of black and white conversions, colour-popped images (black and white with some colours highlighted) as well as many full-colour images so that there are plenty to choose from.

I really liked the release of the white doves. Look carefully!!

What a lovely day. I always enjoy the weddings I attend and I strive to capture as much of the emotion and joy as I possibly can.

Heart of England Events and Conference Centre, Fillongley, near Meriden

I’ve now attended a few events at the Heart of England Events and Conference Centre at Fillongley near to Meriden (between Coventry and Solihull) in Warwickshire. It’s a great choice of venue for any wedding reception with great facilities and wonderful grounds. You can find out more about what’s on offer by visiting the Heart of England site click here

Rocks? ..... we don't normally get those in the midlands!

Going for a paddle - but not trashing the dress!

A relaxing break ..... at the beach!!

One of the things I always do at my weddings is to come prepared. Most photographers have a couple of lenses that they know will do most of what they want, and they are happy to take those. I always take extra lenses, including powerful telephoto zoom lenses …… because you never quite know what’s going to happen and how far away you’ll be! When I took the images of Bev and Matt on the water and on the beach I was no-where near to them ….. but I got the shots ….. and hopefully they will serve as a great memory for them in the future.

And Finally…..

Great evening entertainment

Even when I’m attending as a ‘second shooter’ I still show the same level of commitment as when I’m there in the lead role. Gary (my husband) always does the same when he second-shoots for me. We were there for 12 hours that day but it was well worth it and I know that Bev and Matt will have a fantastic selection of images to choose from for their album.

If you’d like more information about my own wedding packages or if you like the idea of talking to me about your wedding and the advantages of having a ‘second shooter’ there (free of charge!) please do contact me on 07739096632 or email me.


Adam and Kayley – Informal Pre-Wedding Shoot

Gary and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Adam and Kay who are getting married in August (they’re well organised!). We met up to take a look at the church and the reception venue and I took my camera along to help them to get used to being in-front of the lens. Here are a few images from the day………..

Meet Adam and Kay!

Getting confident in-front of the camera!

It's usually all about the bride - Sorry Adam!

Lovely couple!

This was an impromptu photo session. Kay and Adam weren’t expecting it but I think, after a little initial shyness, they soon started to enjoy themselves! I know they’ll look great when it comes to the real day! They are such a lovely couple and I can’t wait!

Recent photos from Grace & Philipp’s Wedding

Philipp and Grace had a wonderful wedding day at Hampton Manor near to Solihull. It was a cold but bright day and such a lovely location for a wedding. Grace and Philipp made a lovely couple with Grace looking absolutely stunning in her dress.

Hampton Manor in Hampton in Arden

Wonderful location for a special wedding

First glimpse of Grace’s outfit – and a few special touches!

First glimpse of the dress ... Wow!

Guests from around the world enjoyed a lovely service conducted by the registrars from nearby Solihull. It’s always nice when we are given freedom to take pictures during the service…..but we don’t distract by using flash.

Grace and Philipp's Service

A cold day but the weather held for us. I absolutely love this photograph of Grace. It was extremely bright one minute and cloudy the next throughout the afternoon but the light in this one was just right!

A Gorgeous Bride!

A great time was had by all in the evening. It was really nice to see the cultural mix of German guests, New Zealanders and some of Grace’s family from the Philippines. Some great dancers were on show!

A Lovely First Dance

I’ve taken two weeks to go through the 1400+ images that Gary and I took on the day. I’ve chosen about 330 of my favourite images and put them on the password protected area of my website. If you were a guest at the wedding or if you know Grace and Philipp and you’d like to see the other photos please contact Grace. I’m afraid I won’t give out the password without her permission. I do this to protect the privacy of all my clients, especially where images of children are included.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little taster of my wedding photography.

Charlecote Pheasant Wedding Fayre

I’ve just got home from the Charlecote Pheasant hotel wedding fayre today. Charlecote Pheasant hotel is near to Stratford Upon Avon.

My stand at the wedding fayre

Image taken with my iphone, by the way! Not the quality of my wedding cameras!

Thank you …… to all of the lovely future brides (and grooms) who came to see me on my stand.

I hope you enjoyed my video slide show, looking at my display albums and finding out more about my photography services….. and I hope my new wedding package information sheets made sense!

This year, I’ve added several new packages and either extra coverage for your money or enhanced products. Of course, I’ll still do bespoke packages to suit your individual needs.

I had loads of interest in my Graphi-Studio digital albums which are my personal favourites! I now offer a Graphi Studio album option in all of my wedding album packages starting at only £695!

I really enjoy producing the designs for these albums myself. Hopefully this shows in my work. I don’t believe in doing what some photographers do: they take the photos and then send them to Graphi Studio for them to do the album design. I think this is very impersonal and doesn’t accurately reflect the nature of the day. I take pride in capturing those special moments that happen in the day and to me each image is part of the overall story, rather than just another photo! I’m then able to build my album designs based on my knowledge of what happened, when and why!

If you came to see me today., Thank you, and I hope you will book me for a consultation (absolutely no obligation to book me!). If you couldn’t make it or if you didn’t know about it, don’t worry, I’ll happily tell you everything you need to know. If you are looking for a fun and bubbly wedding photographer in the next two years please give me a call. I’d love to hear from you.


Grace and Philipp – Pre-Wedding Shoot

We met Grace and Philipp today, a lovely couple who we instantly got on well with! We were at Hampton Manor near to Meriden and we met to plan their wedding photography and to help them to get used to being in-front of the camera.

Hamptom Manor near to Meriden

What a lovely choice of venue! Really nice inside and out – a perfect choice!

It was very bright and sunny, but it was absolutely freezing! I could hardly feel my fingers by the time we’d finished!

Hampton Manor Entrance

A Grand Entrance!

When we do photo shoots we always provide a range of images that have been colour corrected, selectively cropped, are a mixture of B&W and full colour and sometimes with selective ‘colour-popping’.

Grace and Philipp

Grace and Philipp - Getting Comfortable!

We’ve agreed with Grace and Philipp that my husband, Gary, will go along as a second photographer at their wedding. We often do this! It enables us to get more shots and to use different lenses at the same time for similar shots.

We’re told that Philipp often closes his eyes when being photographed. Not this time! …….Too quick for him!

Hope you all agree that they are very photogenic couple and I’m really looking forward to their wedding at this lovely venue in March. I can’t wait to meet their family and friends who will be visiting from as far a-field as Singapore, New Zealand and Germany! I’m sure it will be a fabulous day!

Final note: If you are friends or family of Grace and Philipp there are more images on my main website here – but they are password protected. You’ll need to contact Grace and Philipp to get the password to view them.

Happy New Year!

It’ been a great start to the new year already. I’ve had several enquiries for my wedding photography: One for 2012! Very organised!!

I’m meeting a future bride and groom on Wednesday (they met me at a wedding fayre that I did in November near to Stratford) to discuss their photography and I’ve had some extra orders for prints from two brides whose weddings I photographed late last year.

Meanwhile, I’ve had an enquiry from a fantastic wildlife photographer who is interested in me doing some canvas prints for him. I’ll add a link to his site if he decides to work with me!

Busy, busy, busy!

I’ll get some images up here soon. Bear with me while I add more to this blog.

Vicky x