Recent photos from Grace & Philipp’s Wedding

Philipp and Grace had a wonderful wedding day at Hampton Manor near to Solihull. It was a cold but bright day and such a lovely location for a wedding. Grace and Philipp made a lovely couple with Grace looking absolutely stunning in her dress.

Hampton Manor in Hampton in Arden

Wonderful location for a special wedding

First glimpse of Grace’s outfit – and a few special touches!

First glimpse of the dress ... Wow!

Guests from around the world enjoyed a lovely service conducted by the registrars from nearby Solihull. It’s always nice when we are given freedom to take pictures during the service…..but we don’t distract by using flash.

Grace and Philipp's Service

A cold day but the weather held for us. I absolutely love this photograph of Grace. It was extremely bright one minute and cloudy the next throughout the afternoon but the light in this one was just right!

A Gorgeous Bride!

A great time was had by all in the evening. It was really nice to see the cultural mix of German guests, New Zealanders and some of Grace’s family from the Philippines. Some great dancers were on show!

A Lovely First Dance

I’ve taken two weeks to go through the 1400+ images that Gary and I took on the day. I’ve chosen about 330 of my favourite images and put them on the password protected area of my website. If you were a guest at the wedding or if you know Grace and Philipp and you’d like to see the other photos please contact Grace. I’m afraid I won’t give out the password without her permission. I do this to protect the privacy of all my clients, especially where images of children are included.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little taster of my wedding photography.