Why my blog has been missing out !

Over the last year as well as continuing with my Wedding and Corporate photography Stuart & I have added a new little addition to our clan.

Our beautiful daughter Livy was born last Feb & of course I’ve taken every opportunity to take photos of her to reminisce over (or to embarrass her no doubt 🙂 ) when she is older. Livy, since the day she was born, has been the happiest smiliest baby one could wish for … long may it continue.

Here are a few of my favourite pictures of Livy and the reason why my poor old blog has been neglected for the last year!😊

Livy 0001 script 0003



livy in brown bucket livy in brown hat Livy Sitting on a shelf flb muse


Stuart Kettell takes Macmillan fundraising to new heights

Yes hes back again & this year his 2012 challenge is even more crazy than last year!!

For several years Stuart has devised a ‘Mad Fool’ task that he does to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. His past challenges have included cycling on a replica Penny Farthing from Lands End to John O’Groats and Kayaking across the channel from France to Coventry , he suspended himself, David Blaine style, inside a Perspex box suspended above Broadgate in Coventry city centre for a week & last year he ran 7 marathons in 7 days in a giant hamster wheel!

Over the last year Stuart Kettell has meticulous calculated, plotted & planned this year’s 2012 “MAD Fool” challenge, aimed to raise money & awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The idea … To be suspended for up to 12 hours a day … by just a big bunch of helium filled balloons … 14 meters in the air !!! … MAD

His Challenge started at 12pm Saturday 3rd of March & continues until midday Saturday 10th March & can be found in West Orchards Shopping Centre in Coventry.

As with previous years I was happy to photograph the launch & will be photographing Stuart’s mad challenge through out the week.

Below are a number of images I took from the launch on Saturday

To follow his progress please go to http://www.willthemadfoolmakeit.co.uk where webcams are being updated daily

+ please please help him reach his target for Macmillan by texting your donation. Text STUK50 to 70070 with the amount £1-£10. or go & see him in West Orchards … you can’t miss him … he’s dressed all in green, has green hair … oh … & is being dangled 30ft in the air by a massive multicoloured cluster of 25 x 8ft helium filled weather balloons !!!

Happy Belated New Year :)

After a fantastic Summer, Autumn & Christmas of photography I thought I’d start to catch up & update my poor neglected blog 🙂

I had the pleasure of photographing some wonderful Weddings right through until two days before the New Year. In between my weddings I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a number of families as well as being back at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole with their 2011 Christmas & New Year events & ball.

Jen and Tony’s Surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary | Photographed by Victoria Jane Photography at the Warwickshire Country Club

It was July and the middle of my very hectic wedding season, which i love…… but it made a nice change when I was asked to photograph the celebrations at a Surprise wedding anniversary party. Jen and Tony have been married for 40 years (Wow!) and their daughter-in-law contacted me and asked me if I would attend for a couple of hours and capture the fun and celebrations of their family and friends. The party was held at the Warwickshire Golf and Country Club in Leek Wooton between Kenilworth and Warwick.

I love doing this sort of thing. To be honest, the pressure is off and I can concentrate on people watching and capturing the little things that make the celebrations special. Anyway, here goes with a small taster of my images  ……













These are just a few of the photos that I took at Jen and Tony’s anniversary party. Whenever I attend a celebration, a special event or a wedding I usually post the full range of edited images on a password protected area of my main website. You can see Jen and Tony’s images by clicking here and entering the password, which you’ll need to get from Jen or Tony. From there, you can simply enjoy the memories or if you see a photo you’d like to buy you can do so through the website directly or by contacting me on 07739096632.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to find out about booking me to do the photography for your own special event anywhere in Warwickshire please give me a call.


Photographing Stuart Kettell’s Charity Hamster Wheel Run for Macmillan Cancer Support

One of the pleasures in doing what I do is that I get to meet really fun people. Sometimes they are people who I work with. Stuart Kettell who runs Kettell Video Productions in Coventry is one of these people and he introduced me to his annual charity fund raising events for Macmillan Cancer Support. For several years Stuart has devised a ‘Mad Fool’ task that he does to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. His past challenges have included cycling on a replica Penny Farthing from Lands End to John O’Groats and Kayaking across the channel from France to Coventry and last year he suspended himself, David Blaine style, inside a Perspex box suspended above Broadgate in Coventry city centre for a week. In the last two years I’ve also started to support Macmillan Cancer Support with my photography and I now provide the official photography and some graphic design work for Stuart’s Challenges (free of charge, of course).

This year Stuart’s ‘Will the Mad Fool Make It?’ challenge was even more unusual ….. and I was there from the initial idea stage until the end. The idea needed to be explained to potential sponsors in fairly simple terms so Stuart asked me to knock up a graphic in Adobe Indesign and Photoshop. Here it is ……

Unusual Eh? So what was it all about? Well, the idea was for Stuart to run a marathon every day for a week inside a giant hamster wheel. If that wasn’t enough to spark some interest he wanted the hamster wheel to be balanced on one end of a giant See-Saw. On the other end there would be a donation pot for the people of Coventry to make donations towards Macmillan Cancer Support. As the donations increased the see-saw would start to tip and (hopefully!) on day 7 with around £7000 in the pot the wheel would be lifted up.

Stuart spent months training inside the wheel on his driveway and I helped with some of the promotional photographs in the weeks leading up to the actual event in Broadgate, Coventry. Finally, the day arrived for the challenge to begin on a sunny Sunday March 20th ……..

He may be a bit mad but he really doesn’t bite, you know!

Whenever I’m covering any event, whether it be for charity such as Macmillan Cancer Support or perhaps for a business corporate event, I’m always mindful of the need to capture not only the activities and emotions of the event but also the reasons behind it. After all, Stuart was doing a fantastic job raising money for Macmillan Cancer support and he was raising awareness of the important work they do too.

It was really nice that Stuart gets support from local celebrities. In this case Roisin and John Dalziel (above) from the JD show on local commercial radio station, Mercia FM. In fact, the local radio stations (Mercia FM, Touch FM and BBC Coventry and Warwickshire) all took a firm interest and were very encouraging with their live interviews and raising awareness all week.

Stuart excelled himself this year by raising enough awareness to be invited onto ITV’s Daybreak with Adrian Chiles & Christine Bleakley and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Needless to say, running in a wheel in a giant hamster costume is unlikely to win over any talent scouts but it was great for publicity for the challenge and ultimately great for Macmillan Cancer Support. He asked me if I could help out with Photoshop again and I created this banner for Stuart to display near to the wheel.

So what does a 6 Foot, 46 year old marathon-running hamster look like? …. Well, what did you think he’d look like? …..

So here I am (above) proving that I was there! By the way, I designed the green sweatshirt just to make myself look a little more official. At least I wasn’t completely over shadowed by the main attraction!

And yes – hamsters do get hot when they’re running and they do need a drink! Hamster owners … never forget to check the bottle!

It’s also true to say that human hamsters get a little lonely unless they’ve got other hamsters to talk to. This little fella did his bit to keep Staurt company!

I’m told that running in the wheel is not quite the same as running on a flat surface, mostly due to the angle that your feet hit the wheel. Stuart went through real pain on some days and I spent one day calling every sports therapist that I could find to ask for their help. Luckily we managed to get some really good advice each evening and some really helpful (often painful) sports massages at the end of each day helped to keep him going.

So, Did the Mad fool make it? Did the mad fool manage to complete his 7 marathons in his hamster wheel?

Finally, the last day of the challenge arrived and Stuart had done it! Stuart had some fantastic support from the Coventry public all week and he collected thousands of pounds. The See-Saw tipped early afternoon on Sunday 27th March. Despite it being a breezy Sunday afternoon there was a great crowd there to cheer Stuart on with the help of Clive Skelhon, good friend of Stuart’s & former Mercia radio presenter, on the mic ……

And finally, the smiles said it all. I’m sure, for a brief moment, Stuart was glad it was all over! There’s no doubt he’ll be back with another mad challenge though ….. probably next year. Who knows what he’ll be doing next? ….. I DO!

The Result!

At the time of writing this, Stuart Kettell raised a massive £6400 for Macmillan Cancer Support with his Mad fool Hamster wheel challenge. Brillaint! If you missed seeing Stuart in Broadgate and you’d like to do your bit, it is still possible to donate online by visiting Stuart’s challenge website here

Well done Stuart – I’m really looking forward to doing more photography for you in the future and supporting Macmillan Cancer support even more!


General Blog Update

Ok, so you’ve not heard from me for a while ……Sorry about that!

Is it because I’ve been doing nothing and had nothing to say? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Far from it, in-fact. I’ve been SO BUSY that I simply haven’t had the time to tell you what I’ve been doing. Anyway, I’m now taking a break from the photography for a few days and I’m going to be adding a few more images from some of the events and weddings I’ve been doing in the last two months. I’ve been photographing weddings, Christmas parties, doing family photo shoots and doing some corporate photography in Warwickshire and Coventry …. and winning several awards for photos that I’ve been entering into international competitions for the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) experts to judge!  More blog posts with more images to look at will follow VERY soon …..

Terry’s Surprise 65th Birthday Party at Sketchley Grange | photographed by Victoria Jane Photography

I’ve been lucky enough over the past year to be booked for a number of fantastic surprise birthday or anniversary parties.

I first met Shireen & Terry when I had been asked to photograph the President’s Golfing dinner at Nuneaton Golf course earlier in the year.

Shireen called me to say that she was organising a surprise party for her husband & wanted me to come along, for around 2 hours, to photograph the evening.  As she went on to explain what she was organising I was astounded by how much she was planning & I have to admit, a little excited to hear about the entertainment act she had chosen.

I’ve always been a fan of Monty Python & John Cleese, so imagine my delight when Shireen said that she had booked a Basil Fawlty & Manuel double-act from  “John Parkin as Cleese” (www.cleese.co.uk).  I’ve got to say, I was not disappointed :).  They were brilliant! – The pair went from table to table in the classic Basil & Manuel style buffoonery, entertaining guests while we waited for Terry to arrive.  Not stopping there, during the buffet they went on to insult (in a humorous way of course), irritate &  make people laugh … Manuel even attempted to serve the buffet to the crowd, before perfectly executing a well thought out plot to pretend to drop a box with a set of very expensive crystal cut glasses in.  Even though Shireen had known the plan, both she, Terry & all 80+ guests were crying with hysterics when Manuel went flying, smashing the contents of the box to smithereens 🙂

Once the evening was well underway & Terry had started to recover from the fantastic Surprise his wife had organised it soon became clear that 2 hours photography wasn’t going to be long enough.  I was really pleased when Shireen asked me to stay 2 more hours to continue photographing the evening.  This also included some great entertainment provided by the musical tribute band Barry Walker’s Smackee.

Below is a small selection of the photographs taken on the evening.

Sam and Andy | Wedding Photography at the Ardencote Manor Hotel in Warwickshire

This has to rate up there as one of the most enjoyable weddings of the year! Sam and Andy are such a fun loving fantastic couple that we couldn’t help but smile most of the day. Sometimes we had to remind ourselves that we were there to do the photography and not as guests! The wedding ceremony and celebrations took place at the beautiful Ardencote Manor hotel and Golf Club in Claverdon, Warwickshire. We were there from about 90 minutes before the ceremony started to late into the evening celebrations. It’s probably true to say that we both (Gary and I) took more photographs on this wedding day than just about any other wedding we’ve done this year. I’ll let the photos do the talking – Here we go! ……..

Ardencote Manor Hotel – Front Entrance with turning circle …..

Andy on the far left with groomsmen. What a great bunch!

A few practice swings, just to warm up for the events ahead ….

And a few more exercises to get the legs working too!

Just after the arrival of Sam with her lovely brides maids ….

Sam showing her true feelings for her brother! …..

And then we went inside for the ceremony itself …..

Having the two of us there helps to get photographs from more than one angle without us having to move around and distract the registrars

Signing of the register …..

Then it was time to go outside into the bright sunshine for some group photographs beside the lovely lake ….

Something told me that Andy was in his element – Swept off his feet with a pint in his hand!

A few newlywed ‘alone’ shots ….

And then it was inside to start the celebrations …..

Hilarious speceches. It was difficult to keep the camera still at times! Good job we use stabilised lenses!

On to the first dance and what seemed like hundreds of guests for the evening entertainment …..

Andy treated us all to an impromptu solo performance too! Soooo funny! Sorry Andy, but it was!

As night fell we had the opportunity to try a few slightly more unusual shots ….

We had a great time photographing Andy and Sam’s wedding day. They are a great couple, each with a fantastic sense of humour. It was also great to meet so many guests who’ve been at other weddings we’ve done this year too. Referrals are great for our business and this is how we met Sam and Andy. If you are getting married at the Ardencote Manor hotel in Claverdon in Warwickshire and you need a photographer please do contact me on 07739096632. I’ll be glad to talk to you about your special day.

Meanwhile, if you were one of Sam and Andy’s guests and you want to see more photos from the day (and there are loads!) I’ve put there full gallery of images on my main website. You can view the images by clicking here and entering the password. Only Sam and Andy have been issued with the password so that they have control over who can view the images.

If you’d like to comment on our photography or any of the images here we’d love to hear from you. Please click on the ‘leave a comment’ link below.

Ragley Hall’s Spectacular Fireworks Display | Corporate Event Photographs by Victoria Jane Photography

It’s 1am & I’ve had a somewhat busy day  …

…My day started at Coombe Abbey in Coventry where I was photographing Linda & Ian’s Wedding.  We had a wonderful day & the weather was amazing.  We managed to do plenty of outside photographs in the stunning grounds and we even went on a ghost tour which isn’t the best thing to do when you’ve got such an active imagination as I have! Will I sleep tonight? Photos of the wedding to follow.

Once I had left Coombe, I then made a mad dash over to the stunning Ragley Hall to photographs their amazing fireworks display. I took the opportunity to take Gary and Jessica with me so they could enjoy the fireworks too (without Gary having to have a camera in his hand for once!). Jessica doesn’t normally like loud noises so it was a bit of a risk but she loved it and at the end of the display was asking for ‘more bangs daddy please’…..

There were children’s fairground rides, a live fireshow, numerous food stalls, a huge bonfire & Touch FM was there to create a great party atmosphere!

Here are just a few of my favourite images from the night…….

I have been lucky enough to photograph a number of events at Ragley Hall this Year. This event was photographed on behalf of Ragley Hall’s Operations Manager & Front of House Supervisor. I have many more images to forward to them & I hope they enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed attending the event & photographing them.

If you have a special event in Warwickshire or the West Midlands that you would like photographing then please give me a call on 07739 096 632.

Hafeeza’s Surprise 30th Birthday Party at Dunsmore House, Rugby | Photographed by Victoria Jane Photography

I was booked by Hafeeza’s husband to do the photography for a surprise 30th Birthday party that he had arranged for her. The party was held at the fabulous Dunsmore house in Rugby which has been recently restored to a superb condition and can be booked for exclusive private events such as parties and conferences.

Hafeeza’s closest family and friends attended and a great time was had by all. I stayed for about 3 hours taking informal shots and a few posed shots of small groups.

This was the first time that I’ve photographed an event at Dunsmore house. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You’ll notice that the guests were in the kitchen! That’s because you can hire out the whole house, kitchen and all -Fabulous!

If you were a guest of Hafeeza and her husband at her surprise 30th Birthday party you will be able to see all of the edited images by visiting my main website and viewing her private gallery by clicking here and entering the password (which is Hafeeza’s husband’s abbreviated first name – all lower case). If you wish, Photos can be bought direct from the website or by emailing or calling me.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got an event coming up at Dunsmore house or a similar venue in Warwickshire or the Midlands and you’d like some high quality but unobtrusive photography please call me on 07739096632 and I’ll be glad to discuss your requirements.