Theresa | Home Photo Shoot by Victoria Jane Photography

I was delighted to be asked by a local Coventry business woman to do some new photographs for her. Theresa owns Kendalls Deli in Earlsdon Street (highly recommended for all sorts of fresh foods ….. and I can personally recommend them as a great place to stop for lunch time coffee and snacks). She asked me to do some up-to-date photos that she can use personally and for her business activities. I set up my studio equipment at her home and we set to. Here’s a small taster …..

I’m really pleased with the way the photos came out. Of course, we did many more than this and Theresa will be able to view them on my main website in her personal gallery of images. We had good fun. Theresa was relaxed and comfortable in her own home …. and another advantage is that she was able to change clothes to give a variety of ‘looks’.


Here’s what Theresa had to say about me on her recent Twitter post ….

Really impresssed by photos taken of me by Victoria Jane Photography and it was fun, recommend them highly!

– Thanks Theresa!


If you need some new profile photos or simply want something new for your personal-use please give me a call on 07739096632. I do many photos at my client’s homes or offices and my prices are very reasonable without compromising quality. Basically, I’ll do what you want …. and I can create virtually any photo product you need from web sized files to simple prints, acrylic blocks, canvases etc.

Two Lovely Warwickshire Wedding Venues | Ragley Hall & Coombe Park Photographed by Victoria Jane Photography

Warwickshire has so many lovely wedding venues that sometimes it’s easy to forget how spoilt for choice our brides and grooms can be. I’m always very aware that many couples book lovely locations because it adds to the atmosphere of their day ….. and, of course, they want some nice photographs that capture the details of the venue to help remember their day by. The following photographs show a couple of venues where I’ve done or and doing wedding photography this Autumn: Ragley Hall in Alcester near to Stratford upon Avon and Coombe Park Country Hotel near to Coventry…….

Ragley Hall – Great for spectacular Wedding Photographs

……but very challenging as a photographer if you don’t know what you’re doing!

This is the driveway within the huge grounds that lead up to Ragley hall. It’s where wedding cars will arrive ….

A closer look at the front of the main house from the courtyard. Ideal for arranging large group shots …

One of the fantastic views from inside the great hall. This photo was taken on one of my preparation visits, not on an actual wedding day, hence the stacked chairs – but it gives you a good idea of how grand it is ! What this photo doesn’t show is how dark it is – something an ordinary camera wouldn’t handle.

This is called the red room, for obvious reasons! It can be used as the room from which the bride first enters the great hall.

… and another view from the opposite end ….

I like to make use of the red room for taking beautiful photos of the bride just before her groom sees her for the first time and again afterwards, sometimes making use of the spectacular view through the windows and the large mirrors inside. I’ve ‘photoshopped out’ the ropes and stands that cordon-off some of the furniture and valuable artifacts.

One of the main attractions for wedding couples is the beautiful stair case and murals on all surrounding walls. Spectacular ….but Very dark and the light available changes massively from day to day. Again, I took the following photos without using any additional lighting or flash since the flash will tend to over expose the white walls and columns, ‘blowing-out’ the detail.

And another view – I can’t stress enough how a normal camera simply wouldn’t handle this image without the flash going off, ruining the details and casting horrible false shadows! Again, I took this photo without flash and it was actually very dark inside.

The mural continues as you look upwards, although it’s worth pointing out that couples do not have access up the whole staircase, only the first few steps …. but it is great for some newly-wed couple shots.

After the ceremony and weather-permitting there is a lovely terrace overlooking the spectacular gardens that guests will be invited to go to: Great for outdoor photo opportunities. Sometimes, however, the gardens are open to the general public and so it can be necessary, as a photographer, to choose your opportunities carefully.

Coombe Park Country Hotel near to Coventry (Often Called Coombe Abbey)

…… Lovely building and grounds lend themselves really well to great photos but again the internal lighting can be very challenging

I’ve taken photographs at Coombe Park for several years and I find something new every time I visit! It has some lovely grounds and the hotel backs onto the public park that can be very busy at certain times of the year. There are great opportunities for lovely photographs in the grounds, which ever way you turn – but again, it’s not a venue that an inexperienced photographer or one without top quality equipment will be able to make best use of. Internally it can be very dark and externally you’ve got the general public to avoid and contend with. Here are a few shots I took today on a preparation visit ready for a wedding I’m photographing there in a few weeks time …..

Lots of people in the Coventry and warwickshire area think they know Coombe Park but few will recognise this, despite the fact that it’s the front entrance!

The moat provides plenty of opportunity to make use of reflections. Here are several external shots from view points that I particularly like ….


I decided to let the images do the talking. It doesn’t require much imagination to realise that for a bride and groom any of the views I’ve shown you would provide a perfect backdrop for any number of lovely photographs.

I’m taking bookings for photographing weddings throughout 2011 and I am now receiving enquiries for weddings for 2012 as well. If you would like to talk to me about wedding photography at either of these two venues (Ragley hall or Coombe Park) or any other Warwickshire venue I am only a phone call away!  My number is 07739096632.

I’d be glad to discuss your requirements and provide advice and opinions on getting the most out of your wedding photography. I really can’t stress enough how important it is to have a wedding photographer who has the knowledge, ability and equipment necessary to get the best out of these lovely venues and from your guests whilst enhancing your enjoyment of your special day as well.

Kerry and Wendy | Wedding day Morning Photo Shoot

It was a privilege to do these photos for Kerry and Wendy. They wanted a quiet celebration of their civil partnership ceremony without professional photography but they did want some nice photographs on the morning of their special day.

I arrived at their home with my portable studio equipment in tow and set up my white backdrop and lighting. We then spent about an hour having fun and taking some nice photographs. Here are just a few ….

We had a really nice time and I hope they like their photos. I’ve uploaded many more to their private gallery on my main website. Anyone wishing to view them need to speak to Wendy or Kerry to obtain the password. The gallery can be accessed by clicking here.

If you’d like to make a comment on these photographs or anything else on this blog please feel free to do so by clicking on the ‘leave a comment’ link below.

OWF Event Update | Saturday 16th October at the Hilton Hotel

If you were involved in this OWF event last Saturday you have probably visited this page hoping to see your images! The images are, in fact, on the password protected area of my main website. You can access all but the whole-group shot by clicking here and entering your password. If you wish to view the whole group shot you will need to consult your event photography organiser (who was Margaret Atwood) please.

As a reminder, the password was given to you on the day and it was the name of the room that the photographs were held in! If you can’t remember the password you can contact Margaret Atwood who has all the details.

I hope you like viewing the images. They are available to purchase if you wish. They can be produced as professional lab quality prints (or other products such as canvas prints). You can either order directly from my website or, if you prefer, you can make a note of the image number that you’d like to purchase and give me a call on 07739096632. I’ll do the rest!

Any problems or questions, please call me on 07739096632 (leave an answer phone message if I can’t answer and I’ll call you back) or email me on

General Blog Update | What’s happening in the world of Victoria Jane Photography?

We’ve been Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

We have been incredibly busy over the summer months and it’s still manic now! We were fortunate enough to be asked to photograph a large number of Warwickshire weddings in July, August, September and October. Of course, when you’ve got two photographers attending it means you’ve got double the number of images to review and edit afterwards! It all takes time and that’s what we’ve been working on until the early hours every night in order to provide all of our clients with their images and albums as soon as possible ….. but without doing a rushed job! We are now working on designing albums for some of our recent brides and grooms and we are still editing images from other recent weddings. We are on top of the work though, so if you are waiting to see your photos from your recent wedding, photo shoot, family or corporate event, don’t worry, it won’t be long!

Our New Look!

The more observant among you may have noticed a slow switch to a new, cleaner and less fussy look. The header at the top of this blog site shows our new more modern simplified logo and colour-scheme. These will now appear of our new business cards, letter heads, price lists, emails, flyers and leaflets etc. hopefully, we’ll be more easily recognised and remembered in future. Our main website will be our next target for change – probably a project for early 2011 !

Fantastic Autumn Photoshoot Offers

We’re introducing two offers related to our family photo shoots:

The first is our standard photo shoot in your home. Priced at a very competitive £75 it now allows you to have a photo shoot in your home for around an hour to an hour and a half and then we will edit a good range of images and provide you with good sized prints of your favourite three images free of charge (free prints are worth £36).

The second is our Premiere photo session in which we will spend around 4 hours with you and your family at your home or at a favourite local location of your choice. This might be a local park, play area, country house gardens etc. We will then spend many hours editing the images to provide you with a lovely selection of high resolution photos that on DVD with your own personal printing license granted. In addition, we’ll provide you with 10 large lustre prints (worth £120) free of charge.

Charity Support and Events

In the last two months we’ve done a photo shoot in Ikea for the Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee morning. We did photographs of families with young children and sold the photographs at an average of £4 each and we raised over £220 that we donated to Macmillan at the end of the day.

I also offered a £75 family photo shoot as a raffle prize for a charity event in support of Myton Hospice. the event was run by a local children’s dance troop who put on a lovely show last week and raised a lot of money for Myton hospice. I’ll be doing an autumn photo shoot for the winner soon!

So what’s coming up over the next few months?

We’ve still got some more wedding bookings – so that means consultations, discussions, visiting the venues and doing pre-wedding photo shoots as well as the weddings and editing afterwards. We are now designing several albums for recent couples who have now chosen their images for their albums. We’re also had plenty of enquiries for covering celebrations over the festive period and we’ve had some every interesting approaches from some corporate venues who we may be doing some work for (watch this space!)


We’ve been approached by several local schools who have requested that we take some of their students for photography work experience placements and we have had several approaches from photography students who want to work with us in order to gain real, practical experience. We will let you know when any decisions are made. If we agree to any of these things, of course, we will do them properly!

Meanwhile, we have had loads of enquiries for weddings next year and we already have double the number of confirmed bookings that we had this time last year! It looks like we’re set to get even busier! So – if you want to book us or if you know anyone who might be interested in booking us it’s better to contact us sooner than later!



Carly and Carl | Wedding Photography at The Windmill Village Hotel by Victoria Jane Photography

Carly and Carl got married at the Christ Church in Cheylesmore, Coventry and then celebrated their wedding at the lovely Windmill Village Hotel and Golf course on the A45 just outside Coventry. We were asked to cover most of the day from Carly getting ready at her parent’s home until late into the evening. The weather held for us most of the day although we did have to re-schedule a little due to a torrential downpour in the afternoon, just before we were due to go outside. We were, however, rewarded (or compensated) with some great colours in the early evening. We took photographs for around 12 hours, meaning that we ended up with literally hundreds of images to look through, to select and to edit. We are still working on some of the selected images in order to present them properly to Carly and Carl but for now here’s a taster of what’s to come – enjoy! …….

It was great weather in the morning so we took some of the flowers and shoes outside to photograph

It was already busy, busy, busy in the morning at Carly’s parent’s house when we first arrived

We spent quite a lot of time photographing the important little details, including the dress before setting off to meet the men at the church

Carly had prepared thoroughly, even down to making sure the men all had reminders on their socks about who they were on the day!

Our time with the men at the church flew by and it wasn’t long before the beautiful bridesmaids arrived ….

Your first glimpse of Carly in that stunning dress with her very proud father ….

And just enough time for another shot before going in to the church …..

A little montage of images during the service. Gary was at the back with the long lens and I was at the front ….

Meanwhile, Lola was determined that Carly and Carl wouldn’t be getting all of the attention! 🙂

Just married – and first opportunity to be (almost) alone as a man and wife

And then it was off to the Windmill Village Hotel and Golf Course for some group shots ….

We were worried about the threat of poor weather so we grabbed a few minutes alone before the wedding breakfast ….

Unusually, We were present throughout the meal – because we were invited to join the guests! Thank you – it was lovely! …. and it was also nice that Carl gave us a ‘thankyou’ during his speech. We don’t expect it, but it’s really nice to to have our efforts recognised ! The speeches went down really well and the quiz worked well ….

A glimpse of the important little people – very smart and very well behaved

After a hair raising golf buggy ride (our buggy kept locking it’s brakes on the wet grass!) it was off onto the golf course for 20 minutes with the bride and groom …

And we were rewarded with some great colours as the rain lifted and the sun came out for a last appearance before setting ….

The light faded quickly and we were back inside for a great evening of entertainment ….

And as a surprise we added some entertainment of our own in a side room. We have to be careful about choosing our guests carefully for this ‘photobooth’ shoot but we were pretty confident that Carly and Carl’s guests would be up for a laugh …. and we were right!

We’ll be presenting many more images to Carly and Carl on the password-protected area of our main website in the next day or two. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you think of the photos so far.  Please leave a comment by cicking the link at the bottom of this post.

Meanwhile, if you know of any couples who are getting married in Coventry and Warwickshire in the foreseeable future please point them in our direction. We are currently taking plenty of bookings for 2011 and even some for 2012.

Stephanie and Ray | 50th Wedding Anniversary Photographs by Victoria Jane Photography

It was a delight to be asked to do the photography for Stephanie and Ray who were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary with their family and friends at the Glebe Hotel in Barford, near to Stratford Upon Avon. I was asked to do the photography by their daughter, Jayne, who had also celebrated her marriage to husband, Mike, at the Glebe hotel. I attended on my own on this occasion and I was asked to do some group shots and mixed informal shots of individuals and small groups together. Here’s a flavour of the images for you to view for now…..

There are quite a few more images for the family to view in their gallery on my main website here. You will need the password to view (available from Stephanie and Ray).

I love doing the photography at all sorts of family celebrations and I’m very flexible in terms of the coverage I can offer. If you need an affordable but high quality photographer at your up-coming family celebration please feel free to call me on 07739096632 or email me.

Meanwhile, I’d welcome any comments. If you’d like to leave a comment please click on the green ‘Leave a Comment” link below.