Judy and Hotshot ‘Steve’ | Wedding Photography at Kenilworth Methodist Church & then The Woodside

We had a great day doing the wedding photography for fun-loving Judy and her Hotshot (now husband) Steve. It was a really relaxed day and all the better for it! Judy and Hotshot got married at the Methodist church in Kenilworth and then had their sit-down reception meal and evening celebrations at the lovely Woodside hotel, also in Kenilworth. We were at the church from about an hour before the start to about an hour or so after the first dance in the evening at the Woodside. It was a day to remember, not least for one of the best ‘Best man Speeches’ I’ve ever heard …. and I’ve heard a good few! Well done Andy! One of the things that I really liked about this wedding was the feeling of being part of a community – and everyone had such a great sense of humour. We were made to feel very welcome and I’m hoping that everyone who sees the images will like them.

The following photos are a taster. There are more images to come on this blog later tonight or tomorrow and I’ll be presenting Judy and Steve with many more images on my password protected website once I’ve finished editing them. Here goes …..

The ‘boys!’ …. colourful character is ‘hotshot’ Steve …..

The ‘Girls’ with lovely Judy in her fab dress far left …..

Time for a few snaps just before the service, Steve was already waiting inside at this point

The service inside Kenilworth Methodist Church – great service, relaxed and fun …

…. and two photographers capturing it from different angles without disturbing anyone.

Just married ….

First time, briefly alone as Mr and Mrs ….

I’m going to add a confetti shot here. Gary is still working on it !!! Husbands eh!

The ‘kids’ …..

And then on to the lovely Woodside hotel only 5 minutes away ….

Big group shot from two angles ….

Time for a few group shots …. I reckon the girls got into the spirit a little better at first!

Bridesmaids looked stunning while the men were very smart ….

After the group shots we had 10 minutes of ‘alone time’

Judy, looking suitably amused by her man. Now, did he put that there?

And back to the celebrations …. and a little beer …. and many laughs …. 🙂

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride smile quite so much as Judy did! And, to add to the colourful characters we had a few 4-legged friends ….

Then inside for the speeches….

So funny! One of the best ‘Best Man speeches’ I’ve ever heard. Hard to keep the cameras still from laughing! Almost forgot that we weren’t actually guests and had to remember to concentrate on the photography ……Well done Andy!

Don’t ask about this next one! …..

After the hilarity it’s back outside to enjoy the evening sun and to get some fresh air (and bubbles)!

And for the start of several more hours of celebrations in the evening …..

That’s it for now … I’m still working on the hundreds of images that Gary and I took at Judy and Steve’s wedding. If you were there and you’d like to make a comment about these ‘teaser images’ or our photography on the day please click on the green link below. We love comments!

Please Check back here later for that confetti shot. It takes much longer to prepare than others.