My Sporting Challenge – Welsh Rugby Football!


I Wasn’t playing …. but I felt as though I was!

I did so much moving around just trying to get a good shot or two!

I was set a challenge by my long term friend, Ian Golden, who writes reports on Welsh Rugby matches for a variety of websites and newspapers. He knows about my Wedding and Children’s photography …..but of course, most people are standing still or moving quite slowly. His challenge was to bring my camera and wedding photography lenses along to a fast-moving Rugby match and see how I cope!

I must have done quite well since he’s used some of my photos already to accompany his articles. Here’s one link for you to have a look ….

South Wales Scorpions Website

The photo at the top of the article was taken by me.

Here’s a few more ….

3 thoughts on “My Sporting Challenge – Welsh Rugby Football!

  1. Great photos Vicky…I feel you have captured the momentum of the occasion really well 😉 Ice buckets all round hey girls?

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