Natalie and Lee | Wedding Photography at Charlecote Pheasant Hotel by Victoria Jane Photography

This was a FABULOUS wedding to photograph! Weve been lucky enough to have done the wedding photography at many weddings in Warwickshire this year and several have been at the lovely Charlecote Pheasant Hotel in Charlecote near to Stratford Upon Avon. All of the weddings there have been memorable and this one certainly lived up to our expectations. What a wonderful bride and groom and a responsive and up-beat set of guests! We knew from the word ‘go’ that this was going to be good!

Natalie and Lee had told us that they wanted some ‘fun’ photographs and they put their faith in us to try something a little different that would enhance their day. They even gave us some sample images they liked from a wedding they attended ‘down-under’ in the hope that we might include the ideas. I’d like to think we succeeded. We came away with a large number of photographs and we are still editing them! For now though, here’s a taster, just to whet your appetite – Enjoy!

What a start! As a present to Lee, Natalie had organised a helicopter ride for Lee, his brother (best man) and his future Father-in-law over the beautiful Warwickshire countyside. Natalie, of course, was no-where to be seen so she will appreciate seeing the whirly-bird (look very closely and you’ll see Lee inside!).

Meanwhile, Natalie was busily getting organised …

What a picture …. Natalie looking stunning in her fantastic dress!

The boys, looking very smart! Lee, far left …

Picturesque St. Leonard’s Church in Charlecote during the morning preparations …

The girls arrive! Stunning green bridesmaids dresses and Natalie looking even more gorgeous with proud dad ….

Lee spotting his beautiful bride for the first time ….. and then the service (photographed from two angles: Gary at the back, me at the front!)

Just married … and the Signing of the register while entertained by a very talented singing bridesmaid …

How inconsiderate of the church builders not to include quite enough arches!

WORK IT guys … Strike a Pose!

Slowing down the traffic … they certainly turned some heads …..

The happy couple, first time briefly alone (apart from two photographers and a few cameras!)

Enough Confetti for several weddings! ……

The amateur photographers with their iphones were on show and helped us to get some nice images like this one (on the left). When we told Lee it might take a few days to see some of our edited images of his beautiful bride he obviously decided that he simply couldn’t wait!

I forgot to mention that both Natalie and Lee had doubles! The likeness was astounding!

Some ‘Girl’ time … getting a little bit cheeky ….

Photo booth – Some fun in the evening …. and this was at the START of the party!

We set up our studio lighting equipment, a backdrop that matched the colour of some of the flowers and brought along some old picture frames. It was a bit of a gamble, but based on Natalie and Lee’s personality we thought it was worth a go. Great fun was had by all …..

The photo frame pictures are great fun if the guests are up for having a go. These guests certainly were!

Virtually everybody had a go, including parents

And the bridesmaids were definitely up for a laugh ….

In fact, just about everyone got in on the act ….

And, of course, I couldn’t finish off these teaser images without letting the newlyweds be the centre of attention again! Looks like they’ve done this sort of thing before!

Right – that’s it for now folks – I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing them!

We took many more photographs on the day and we are still in the process of editing them for Natalie and Lee. It takes hours!! There will be loads more in the coming weeks for them to look at and to choose from for their album. I’ll be posting them on my password-protected website when they are ready. I’ve done loads of weddings recently and I need to work on images for other couples too, so it will take me a few weeks to get them all ready but it’s better to do a good job and to do Natalie and Lee justice with their wedding photography images.

I’ll make a note on here when the images are available to view on my main website and you will be able to get the password from Natalie and Lee.

Meanwhile, if you were at the wedding (or if you are simply looking for interest) and have an opinion about our photograhy or the images above PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT by clicking the green link below.

Vicky x

Chris and Carrie | Wedding Photography at Charlecote Pheasant hotel by Victoria Jane Photography

We had the pleasure of being asked to do the wedding photography at the wedding of Carrie and Chris at the Charlecote Pheasant hotel in Warwickshire…… and what a great day it was!

Both Carrie and Chris were up for devoting some time to the photography whilst still giving plenty of attention to their guests. They wanted a mixture of quite a few traditional group shots and some more individual photos of just the two of them and with their lovely daughter. I think we got the balance just right. I know that by the evening Chris was wondering how the day had gone so quickly! Well, it does when you are enjoying yourself …. and I know that both bride and groom did just that! Here’s just a taster of the images from the day ………

The Venue – Charlecote Pheasant hotel near to Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire ….. complete with blue sky!

A bit of a warm-up in the morning for the main guys! At least it was better than being chased by wasps, hey Chris?

The rings, safely tucked away …. at least until I got hold of them …

Apart from Carrie, the main young lady of the day ……..

The bride herself! …….

The ceremony – view from the back of the room …… the kiss and they are just married (Congratulations!)…

All done, register signed …..& now the celebrations begin ….

A great time for the Children …….

Just married and time for the confetti …..

Some ‘quiet time’ for Carrie and Chris after the group shots …..

And even a bit of time for relaxing in the baths! …. Yes: TWO baths! …. careful with that beer Chris!

And some ‘family time’ together for Carrie, Chris and their Daughter …. I love this photo and I hope they will too!

Isn’t it funny how a gate always make you wonder what’s actually beyond!

A little later on we managed to go for little stroll around the grounds and along the lane …

Little bridge over the gentle river along-side the boundary for the Charlecote Deer Park ….

Evening time, the youngsters were beginning to flag a little!

Like many older buildings the hotel took on a different look at night time. Meanwhile the party got under way inside.

So that’s it for now! We had a great day and we know that Carrie and Chris did too!  I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the photos we’ve put on this blog. These, of course, are not the only ones. In-fact, we took hundreds of photos during the day and we are still working on them. We’re sure that Carrie and Chris will love them when they see the full selection but it will take us a week or two since we’ve done several other weddings for other couples during August.

If you were at the wedding and you’d like to see more images I’ll be adding all of the edited images (many more) to the password-protected area of my main website. This probably won’t happen until next week (beginning Mon 13th Sept if all goes to plan). You will need to speak to Carrie or Chris to get the password. Prints can be bought from there if you wish.

Meanwhile, Please leave a comment to say what you think so far by clicking the link (in green) below …..

Faye and Ollie – Wedding at Charlecote Pheasant Hotel

We had a great time with Faye and Ollie and around 100 guests at their wedding a couple of weeks ago. The venue was Charlecote Pheasant Hotel near to Stratford upon Avon. It was a sunny and slightly windy day and proved quite challenging in terms of the bright light with harsh shadows continually changing but I’m really pleased with the images we got on the day. I’ve just uploaded about 350 images that I’ve specially chosen for them to choose from for their album. Here are a few ‘teasers’!

Charlecote Pheasant Hotel near to Stratford

Wedding Rings inside Button Holes

Ollie - the Main Man!

Just Married!

If you can't get an image yourself !

Faye - Radiant and loving every moment!

A welcome break before the reception meal

First Dance

Forget the dance floor, this is our natural habitat!

If you are friends or family of Faye and Ollie and you want to view more of their images or perhaps buy some prints you need to view them on my main website which is

You will need to ask Faye for the password first. I’m sorry, but I won’t give the password out.