A busy time lately!

I’ve been so busy in the last few weeks that I’ve not had time to update my blog or my website! I’ve done loads of photo shoots and some weddings in the last month and I’ve started to pick up some business via our family shop in Coventry.

Grace and Phillip had a wonderful wedding at Hampton Manor near to Solihull. It was a wedding with a little twist with some german tradition being part of the festivities. Phillip was dashing and Grace was absolutely stunning in her dress! You’ll love the photos and so will they when they see the full selection.

I got a call from a Rugby dance studio last week. They needed a photographer urgently …. one hour later!! Two hours later I’d taken over 800 shots of the most talented youngsters you’re likely to see on stage. A wonderful dress rehearsal and a delight to be a witness to their skill. I really hope I get to do more photographs for them in the future. Images to come once I’ve got parental permission.

I’ll be posting some new images here in the next day or two. Keep looking!