A taster – a small mixture of my images from 2009

Please click on this image to see a larger version and then click your back arrow on your browser to return to this screen later.

Hopefully, while I get other images ready, this will give you a flavour of some of my recent work.

Some Notes, for interest:

You’ll see that I concentrate mostly on weddings and family/childrens portraits.

I’m equally happy to leave the images as they were or I’ll ‘play’ with them to give a variety of effects ranging from the ‘Warhol’ style (the one shown is my 20 month old daughter, Jess!) to Black and White conversions, Sepia or Antique effect (not shown here), selective ‘Colour-Popping’ (selected coloured objects highlighted on a B&W photo) etc.

Wherever possible, I like to introduce fun into my family portraits. The young lady in the Ladybird costume was thoroughly enjoying herself jumping on a trampoline (I’m not even sure she noticed the camera during some of the shots) and what you see is a series of photos in a simple montage.

The teenager in-front of the colourful background wasn’t really there! …. Or at least the background wasn’t, I created it! She was actually in her friend’s living room. This sort of effect is time consuming but I love doing it!

I thoroughly enjoy doing weddings, large and small. I like capturing the traditional formal shots (the ones that everyone expects) but I also love the informal shots that tell the ‘story of the day’. My husband, Gary, often attends weddings with me. Together, we try to capture the little details that make the day: the rings, flowers, make-up, shoes, button holes, wine glasses as well as the emotions – the nervous looks, the laughs, the gasps, the tears, the joy!