Nicola and Daniel | Wedding Photography at Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury

Well, it finally arrived – my brother’s wedding!

After 10 years together Dan married Nicola this bank holiday Monday at the fantastic Rowton Castle hotel in Shrewsbury. As well as being a guest (obviously) I was also behind the camera – I couldn’t help myself 🙂 ! This time though, Gary wasn’t acting as my second-shooter because he was not only looking after our daughter, who was a beautiful flower girl, but was also one of the ushers! So instead, I roped in a trusted colleague & friend Stuart Kettell (of Kettell Video Productions in Coventry, whom I often work along-side and  photograph on his mad Macmillan charity challenges) to handle a lot of the photography for us.

Our present to Nic and Dan will be a fantastic bespoke digital album that I will create over the next few weeks using my images and Stuart’s images from the day.

I’ve just got home and spent the last hour or two making numerous back-ups of our images (as I always do) and I’ve noticed a few facebook (iphone and compact camera) images from the wedding appearing already! …… So as not to be out done I thought I’d better post a few sneaky peak photos from a real camera! Here are a just few of my favourite photos I took ………

A personal message to my family, our guests and friends of Dan and Nic
We had a great time and I’m sure that I’ll be able to create an album that Nic and Dan will treasure forever. For family, guests and friends reading this blog, here’s what happens next: Firstly, remember that I’m photographing and editing loads of other weddings too, some of which came before Nic and Dan’s! As soon as I can I’ll be sorting through all of the hundreds of photos from all 3 cameras. I’ll be editing a nice range of images that tell the story of the day and then I’ll post them on my main gallery website with a password to view them. You can get the password from Dan and Nicola. You’ll get the chance to order professional quality prints if you want to at that stage. The best way is to phone me on 07739096632 and tell me which ones you like!

Meanwhile, I like comments! Please post a comment! Click below to write a sentence or two about the photographs. Your comment will appear ‘live’ on here after I’ve approved it! You’ve never had a better reason than this! ……. Thank you.

Vicky  Xx

8 thoughts on “Nicola and Daniel | Wedding Photography at Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury

  1. Wonderful set of photos really capturing the day. A truly memorable day and these photos aid this memory brilliantly.

    • Thanks Dad!
      Really pleased you like them. I’ve edited about 80 images so far and I’ll work on the rest over the next week or two. I’m sure Dan and Nic will love them. Watch this space! Vic x

  2. A sample of Beautiful Photo’s Vicky. Can’t wait to see the complete set, could you give me the details on how to order To have witnessed you at Dan & Nic’s Wedding demonstrated just how Profesional you are.

    • Hi Steve, thank you for your lovely comments. It was a fantastic day & I feel very lucky that I was able to play such a part in their special day. It was wonderful to see everyone having so much fun & enjoying themselves x I will let people know when the whole set is ready to view & I will issue a password. I will try & coincide it with when Dan & Nic return from their honeymoon :).

  3. Hi Vicky, Thankyou for all your hard work on Nicola & Daniels special day. The photographs catch the moment perfectly and bring back alot of memories. Cant wait to see the full

  4. your Mom and Dad told me to look at these after seeing others at choir, you are such a gifted artist they are wonderfull pictures be very proud of yourself young lady you have done your family proud.

  5. Excellent Vicky. Very artistic and romantic. Amazed the ones taken outside look as if it was a still and windless day, when in fact it was blowing a gale! Look forward to seeing some more in due course.

  6. Just seen the most STUNNING photo of your Brother’s wedding…. black & white, taken from the outside of a room looking in to them facing eachother and holding hands, them standing under a chandelier. Vicky, just beautiful. I loved Tara’s wedding photos and these are fantastic. You are one clever, gifted photographer…..Jill xx

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