SWPP Awards – I’m award winning!!

I don’t generally go in for competitions or sign myself up for assessments – but to be honest, for a bit of fun and to see what would happen, I decided to enter a few of my recent images into 10 different categories of the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) monthly photography assessments for October.

I received an email today saying that I’d won an award. Then I read on and realised I’d won an award in a second category, and a third and a fourth….. In total I won an award in all ten categories that I entered ….. I’ll have to do this more often in future!!

Here’s a montage to give you flavour of my award-winning images this month!

It’s interesting to note that most, but not all, were taken with my pro camera. Just goes to show that it’s not all about the camera!


4 thoughts on “SWPP Awards – I’m award winning!!

  1. Congrats Vicky!
    There are great shots and well deserved.
    I really like the bride with her back to the camera holding the flowers and the bride and groom (with kilt) in centre of frame with the field behind them (love the way the brides veil is blowing in the wind)

    • Thanks Richard, I’m looking forward to seeing how you are getting on with your photography. Have you ventured into doing more weddings yet? I had a good read on your blog of your first one.

  2. They are all great shots well done.
    May be now you will understand why ppl like your work 🙂

    I have alway siad you have the eye for it. You can give someone the best equipment in the world and they still cant take a great photo like you can.

    All the Best


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