Leeds Castle at Night

Leeds castle at Night - Hand Held!

I worked along-side another photographer doing a wedding at the very lovely Leeds Castle in Kent last weekend. I’m contracted not to divulge any details about the wedding couple or their guests but the castle was so beautiful that I just HAD to stop and take a quick snap shot as I was leaving after midnight! I didn’t have my tripod so this image was hand-held. It’s not perfect, but I’m pleased about how well it turned out.

3 thoughts on “Leeds Castle at Night

  1. Really love this shot, and impressive that you managed to get it hand held as well! The reflections are fantastic.

    Was this taken on the golf course side?

    I was shooting a wedding there last weekend as a second shooter and the place is incredible. We are trying to go back sometime later and do a night shoot and hopefully get some star trails with it.

    • Thank you for your kind words on the photograph Richard. I was quite surprised about how well I managed to hold it. I was kicking myself at the time for not having a tripod but I had travelled down on the train and had enough equipment to carry as it was! Leeds castle is a lovely place and it was a pleasure to do some wedding photography there. Your idea about doing a night time shoot with star trails sounds great. Thank you for taking an interest in my blog site, which is relatively new and I’m still experimenting with.

  2. The night shot is awesome. Went there recently but have never seen it at night. You have made it look a magical place. Linda

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