Sally and Andy’s Wedding at Honiley Church and The Woodside, Kenilworth

What a day! I loved it ……….despite the mysterious case of the missing bride for an hour in the early evening (just as I was supposed to be doing the bride and groom shots)!

Gary and I took literally hundreds of photos throughout the day. In fact, for the first time ever we actually ran out of space on our compact flash cards (over 40 GB for you techie types!) about an hour after the first dance (which was OK because we were only supposed to stay until the first dance anyway!). Gary got through 5 batteries on his camera (he normally uses about 3) and had to replace his flash batteries twice! I dare’nt say how many batteries I got through. The reason was a good one – we had so many great people to photograph, a lovely couple of locations and a bride and groom (along with Ushers and Best Man in very fetching kilts) who were definitely ‘up for a laugh’ on the day. A great time was had by all and it was a pleasure to be part of it.

Tonight (now early am on Thursday 10th June) I’m uploading the images that I’ve selected to my main website which will open in a new page if you click here:

You will find two entries under the weddings gallery for Sally and Andy and they both have different passwords. One is a pre-wedding photo shoot. The other is the wedding day itself. You will need to get the passwords from Sally and Andy as I don’t publish passwords without my clients’ permission. Hope you understand!

Just the wet your appetite, here’s a few teasers to keep you going for now:

It was a very bright day (mostly) with the light changing quickly. The sky was bright and the location for the marriage ceremony was lovely – Honiley Church in Honiley near to Kenilworth.

Lovely little Honiley Church near Kenilworth

Believe it or not this is only the third wedding I’ve done where the men are wearing kilts. They looked great though and the military medals set their very smart look off a treat. Andy at the front!

The boys! - Careful with the kilts!

OK Girls, you know you were wondering!

Here's the answer to the question you were thinking of asking!

Sally looked beautiful on the day (as we knew she would). I think Andy knows what a lucky man he is!

Mr and Mrs .... Just!

Here’s Sally, a little later in the day with her two brides maids and flower girl:

Sally, her brides maids and lovely flower girl

The reception, evening meal and entertainment was held at the Woodside at Kenilworth. A great choice of location, giving some privacy for the wedding party and a lovely backdrop for my photography.

The Woodside at Kenilworth

After the meal we had the strange case of the missing bride, just as I was supposed to be doing the main bride and groom shots!! As Andy knows, I kept smiling whilst I was panicing inside because we were losing the light. Apparently, Sally had gone to get her hair done and it took a bit longer that expected.

Sally, Andy, Best Man, Brides Maids, Ushers, Page boy, Flower Girl

Together, alone (apart from me and Gary with a lens as big as long as your arm!)… at last

Practicing for the first dance - not really - but Andy wanted to!

The First dance – very well rehearsed and well worth the wait!

Well Caught!

I hope you like the few teaser images above. If you were part of the wedding party or if you want to see more photos from the day you’ll need to view them by going to the correct page on my main website by clicking here: and you must have the password ready. The images on there will be for Andy and Sally to make their choices for their wedding album. All images will also be available for guests and family to buy as prints if they wish.