Two Qualifications Gained In One Day!

OK, time to blow my own trumpet for a minute or two! Indulge me …. Please!

I don’t generally go in for entering competitions or showcasing my images just for the sake of it. I’m far too busy actually doing the job! However, I do like to keep abreast of the latest developments and look at what other professional photographers are doing and to pick up new ideas. After all, there are some really good photographers out there with great ideas (and, it also has to be said, some shockingly awful ones!)

I’ve been meaning to join the MPA for a while. This is the Master Photographers Association. They are a national association that is open only to full time professional photographers. In order to join and become a qualified member you have to prove that you are a full time professional photographer, be prepared to be vetted by the MPA, submit a portfolio of images (professionally printed and displayed!) that meet tough criteria (for judging by top photographers of the MPA) and to submit information explaining your background, photographic philosophy, methodology etc.

In other words, it’s really quite something and you can’t simply sign on the dotted line and pay over your money!

Anyway, I was judged yesterday and was offered my MPA Licentiate Qualification Immediately ….. and I’m pleased as punch! 🙂

Here’s a snapshot of the images that I gained my MPA licentiate qualification with yesterday…..

I had to submit 10 images from one wedding and then another 10 images showing a wider variety of my work from other weddings. Each image was printed large with a wide black border. For some of the images I developed my own filter to give a sepia-like effect. These are the ones shown on the left in several of Gretchen and Craig’s images. This is a wedding that I photographed recently at Stoneleigh Abbey near to Coventry.

Moving On ….. My day didn’t end there!

I was really pleased with the MPA result and had already arranged to meet with other photographers of the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) to discuss some more of my images. This was just to get some more constructive feedback and to see what they thought of my work. I nearly fell off my chair when the SWPP immediately offered me a Licentiate qualification with them too! What a day …… TWO Professional Photographer Qualifications awarded to me within an hour!

It’s time to get my business stationery re-printed with some new logos and more letters after my name.

Victoria Jane Hubbard …… BSc (Hons), PGCE, and now LSWPP, LMPA  🙂 ……. Back to work now!