Limited Offer For January

Family Photo shoot at your home + an A3 canvas print of your favourite image for only £100

If you live near to Coventry or Rugby (incl Leamington, Kenilworth, Warwick, Stratford, Meriden, Solihull etc) I’m willing to come to your home, set up my portable studio equipment and do a photo shoot of you and your family. We can do individual shots, group shots, High key and Low Key shots. I’ll then prepare a comprehensive mixture of images (including a mixture of full-colour, cropped, black and white, ‘colour-popped’ images). The images will be presented on the password-protected area of my website for you to view. You can then choose your favourite image to have printed onto Canvas, ready to hang on your wall.

Other Products

You would then be free to buy other prints or products if you wish: whether they be mounted prints of various sizes, block frame prints, presentation print boxes, acrylic block-mounted prints etc. We can do just about anything you want!

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